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vy 03

  1. C

    Teardrop not working

    Hello, I’ve recently purchased a pair of brand new headlights And bulbs for my vy 2003 commodore series 2 ute and one of the tear drops isn’t working due to the wiring I was wondering what I could do next.
  2. Ta Moo

    Need HELP,!!!! Spark plug change over problem.

    This is the story. Went to shop and buy a spark plug of 6 (NGK BPR6EFS-15) for Holden Commodore VY V6 2003 series II. Not because old spark plug are bad. Just want to change to a new set. Drive back home. Put the new spark plug in and in all of them. Car on "Wish me a Luck". It make a surge...
  3. Ta Moo

    Hey! there stop. HELP!!!! Spark plug change over problem.

    This is the story. Went to shop and buy a spark plug of 6 (NGK BPR6EFS-15) for Holden Commodore VY V6 2003 series II. Not because old spark plug are bad. Just want to change to a new set. Drive back home. Put the new spark plug in and in all of them. Car on "Wish me a Luck". It make a surge...
  4. D

    [VIC] WTB Vy R8 Harrop Brakes

    Hi guys, chasing a full set of VY HSV Harrop brakes. After everything to convert from standard to the Harrop setup. cheers ITEM: VY HSV Harrop Brakes LOCATION: Vic (happy to pay postage interstate if needed) CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: not sure what they are worth so please let me know...
  5. S

    VY SS ride height

    Hey guys, New to the site. Ive just bought a vy ss ute and it has pacemaker extractors and kings KHFL-48 springs in the front and KHRL-127 in the rear. From what i can gather on the kings website, this is one step lower than standard. Im hating how much it scrapes on speed bumps on the front...
  6. MissKaos

    Rough Idle

    Hey. I'm a bit of a noob on here :p I have a 2003 VY. Having major issues with it running rough as guts. When it sits idling, the revs fluctuate between 500rpm and 1000rpm and the car shakes badly. To the point it feels like it's going to stall, also does it when I reverse. And feels like it has...
  7. Jody Bowerman

    Changed my motor now it has no spark

    Hey guys, I have a 2003 VY executive converted to manual. I bought it converted. Pretty sure it still has the auto ecu and loom as gauge cluster shows it in park. I put another motor in it and now it won’t start. Has no spark, replaced cam angle sensor, crank angle sensor, oil pressure sensor...
  8. Y

    Bcm issue

    Hi everyone. I.ve got an 03 vy berlina sedan. I had srs, abs, aircon and trac control alarms going off like mad and often the buttons on the key don.t unlock the doors or boot, so i took it to the mechanic. After quite a bit of money and buying an ecu/bcm/key combo from the wrecker to keep costs...
  9. C

    I'm bout to replace my vy diff is there anything in particular I should know before hand "cheers"

    How to replace sedan vy diff is there any tips or tricks you could share with me and is there anything in particular I should do, or keep an eye out for, any feed back would be much appreciated
  10. J

    V6 ecotec TB upgrade

    I want to upgrade my stock TB but unfamiliar of the process and dimensions. Help me out please?!?
  11. B

    Can't seem to find any info on t/c globes

    Pulled out of a manual VY spac 2003, does anyone know info on these globes? Thanks in advance
  12. J

    Coolant leaking problem

    My girlfriend drove my commodore to the point where the engine overheated and shut down (I should have checked the water and coolant levels). Water was leaking from the radiator and I discovered it had a hairline crack on the base. Fitted a new radiator today and as I was topping up the coolant...
  13. S

    VZ Calais seats into VY

    Just wanted to make a thread about how to put VZ Calais seats into a VY because there’s not really much out there regarding the subject. Ok assuming you already have the seats out of the Calais ready to install, you’re gonna wanna disconnect the negative terminal on your battery and then wait...
  14. N

    Need help asap

    Anyone know much about vy's by any chance
  15. N

    Check engine light

    Hey guys had my vy ss ute for a while now, went and started it the other morning and the check engine light came on so i drove it about 20 minutes turned it off and restarted it and it was gone. So i drove it home another 20 minutes and drove perfectly fine. Now it is back on but it is running...
  16. Edimu

    Vy engine

    Hi all, bought a supposed VY 3.8 ecotec from the wreckers, but it's got a different sump from the VY (no gearbox bolts at bottom) and also had different headers from my VY ones. The engine number is VH841229. Any idea what it's out of? Cheers
  17. S

    Vz lcd dash display

    Tried to change the dashlights over last night, but when I tried to take the lcd display off, it broke. Was looking at getting a secondhand dash and switxhing the display screens and was wondering could a Vy lcd fit? From what I can tell the only difference in the two is the wiring harness.
  18. holdencallous

    3.9 or 4.11 gears in an Auto 4spd?

    Hey guys, sorry to make a new thread but I cant find any straight information about the type of gears that would work in an 4spd Auto VY II Calais L37, can anyone give me any information about what gears I should purchase?, I'm trying to get a real pokey launch without sitting at 2300rpm at...
  19. DjHarmes

    VY V6 loom on VX?

    Hey everyone, so I blew my motor in my vx bout a month ago and brought a motor and box out of a Vy with the loom, I was wondering if anyone know if it's straight plug and play or if there's any differences between the 2 , cheers
  20. J

    Vy ecotec lifter noise

    hey guys got a vy 3.8 and lifters have always been a little ticky but in the last few days had gotten even worse it’s always on cold starts and lasts for about 5 minuets if that then the sound goes away does anyone know how I can fix this cheers
  21. T

    yy ls1 engine check light

    2003 vy 5.7l ls1 hi all, engine check light came on today beeping and flashing at me ,car been running fine ,no recent work done ,ran my obd2 scanner no codes ,disconnected battery checked terminals all good ,light still comes on ,engine starts and runs fine no misses spits smoke or anything...
  22. S

    Changing vy aircon/heater controls

    So I’m looking at swapping out my air con controls (the one with the knobs) and switching it out for one with the buttons and the digital readout. Just wondering if anyone has done this or knows how hard it is? Whether it is just an out and in job or modifications need to be done.
  23. J

    Vx to vy side mirror?

    just wondering if anyone knows if the loom for the vy side mirrors are the same as the vx? Will the go straight on and still work fine? Thanks in advance
  24. U

    Vy Stroked 4.2l Ecotec

    Hi all, i know this has probably been posted more then a few times but i cant find any recent posts anyway that ask what i need to know Now before any body says don't waste your money just buy an 8, i can't i'm on my p's for a while now because i was a ******** when i was younger, i'd love too...
  25. Alcyone

    VY V6 Air Con Blues

    Last summer the air con was fine just a bit lacking. Also the blower wasn't blowing 100% maybe just 50%. Pulled the blower out and cleaned it. Got it running nice again and also cleaned all the vents out best I could. Put blower back in it ran like a champ. Then went to get air con regassed and...
  26. Alexanders 03 VY Equipe V6TT "Quipie"

    Alexanders 03 VY Equipe V6TT "Quipie"

    Hey All Here's my 2003 VY SER 1 Equipe Project Never thought id own a Commodore but here's goes. Worked as a mechanic when one day this sad poor banged up VY entered the shop, the owner a lovely 23 year old with little big car driving skill ask about a quote on some work which she then points...
  27. T

    Defected for no muffler

    As I was driving home, I got pulled over by an unmarked police officer, and he told me I didn’t have a muffler on my exhaust (I had no idea). I got a minor defect notice for having no rear resonator, and have 10 days to fix the thing before I get in trouble. My partner says I have a Catback...
  28. T

    Lost VY Key

    Can someone help me or point me in the right direction for information on the ignition barrel, door locks and BCM. I have lost the only key i have to my VY SS ute, now i have another VY sedan that i have the key for but I'm unsure of how i would go about swapping everything over. i know its not...
  29. Alcyone

    Coolant Leak Bellhousing - Rebuilt not started

    I had a look on the forums and found this problem but not where someone had just rebuilt the engine and put coolant in without starting. My first thought was the rear main seal, gasket or housing but then I read that it can also be from the intake manifold gasket. Had just put in approx 9L...
  30. J

    Brown stuff in cooling system

    Can anyone tell me what this wet tissue like substance is in my radiator ?
  31. Alcyone

    Cam lobe exhaust lift high

    Does any of this matter as I have hydraulic roller lifters?... Checked the cam lobe lifts lifts from the top of the pushrods. Cam, lifters and pushrods are all factory still. Pretty good condition. Checking from the top of the pushrods, all the intake lobe measurements were okay (within 0.01mm...
  32. Alcyone

    Help with flexplate alignment marks

    I didn't mark the flexplate to crankshaft or the flexplate to to torque converter very well before disassembly. Everything is stock. So now I'm at a loss as to how to marry it up the way it was. The flexplate has a counter weight on it so I'm guessing that's important for balancing. Flexplate...
  33. Alcyone

    VY V6 Ecotec Oil plug / gasket / cavity questions...

    (1) Can I put an oil pressure sender unit in here? It seems to be the same size thread as the OEM sensor which I think is 1/4" NPT? (Yellow arrow) (2) When putting on the oil filter housing gasket, should I add any sealant to it? The OEM one which came off seemed to have a real thin bead of...
  34. J

    Squealing noise from vy/vz

    I have a VY Calais 3.8L Stock Supercharged and the motor makes a squeaking noise when the cold. It sounded like one of the pulleys was loose so I just had all 6 pulleys changed but it's still making the same noise and I can't figure out why. Prior to changing them I spoke to 3 mechanics who all...
  35. tysonh

    VY Berlina (series 1) to VY HSV front bumper conversion

    Hey guys, just wondering if it were possible to convert my vy berlina's front bumper to a HSV front bumper. I simply think it looks better than the chrome but was wondering if there would be any complications i.e. new bonnet, lights, etc. thank you :) also, anyone with experience with...
  36. J

    VY 3.8L Supercharged Pulleys

    Need new pulleys for my VY but I'm not sure if I should by them through Holden or online. From Holden they're about $280 for the lot and online they're about $140 ( https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182268525515 ). The person selling the pulleys online said the Holden dealers are plastic and that...
  37. M

    VY hissing and issues with LPG

    Hey all, long time reader, first time poster. Had my 2003 VY Ecotec V6 Dual fuel for about 2 years now, had a fix a few things (alternator, radiator), but I've run into an issue I'm not certain about. Over the last couple of months I've been using it on LPG, but I've noticed whenever I idle or...
  38. Alcyone

    VY Feels Like It's Choking and Shaky on Start

    Pretty sure this is my first post. Been here since last year and always come back to look stuff up. Great site with some awesome people helping out. Okay, having an issue with my Mum's VY 2003 Gen1 Auto. The problem is beyond me. I only started learning about cars last year. I often get part...
  39. mitch6500

    Revving high in neutral

    So i just bought myself a vy manual 3.8 a couple of weeks ago and in neatural it sits at about 1500 is that normal, and what would i be looking at to lower it
  40. boordy_23

    [SA] 03 VY Berlina 20" + HBD upgrades

    ITEM: 2003 VY Holden Berlina PRICE: $11,000 with 20" genuine BBOSS wheels and tyres or $10,500 with stock HBD wheels. All reasonable offers will be considered. LOCATION: SA, Eastern Suburbs. YEAR: March 2003 SERIES: VY BADGE: Example: Berlina ENGINE: 3.8L Ecotec...