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vy 1

  1. V

    Vy NA ecotec to Vx supercharged

    Hi I was just wondering what or if any hassles would occur if I replaced my blown NA vy ecotec with a supercharged Vx ecotec? Any suggestions would be appreciated since this is my first commodore engine swap. Cheers
  2. J

    Bendix Ultimate Brakes on VY

    I recently bought a brand new set of front and rear brake pads and rotors. I bought the Bendix Ultimate pads that come in a purple box and when you brake they squeal as if there's heaps of brake dust. Any idea why?
  3. J

    Best oil to use in a VY 3.8 L Supercharged?

    Best oil to use in a VY Calais 3.8L Supercharged? Through some looking around this mobil1 (see picture) is pretty popular but just wanna make sure I'm putting the right stuff in. Opinions welcome, cheers
  4. Jonrambo

    VY SV8

    Hey guys, new to this forum. guessing most of my questions have already been answered but... Just bought a mint SV8 with 150k on the clock. Looks brand new. Very happy with her. Its my first 8! :) So I am not a big fan of badges... Pulled them all off except the front grille badge and the boot...
  5. J

    vs to vy supercharger l67 engine swap

    hi i have a l67 supercharged vs and wanted to know what was involved in changing it into a vy the engines do you need to swap the wiring harness and key reader etc or will the vs computer plug into the vy harness
  6. Jimmy_d_jr

    VY series 1 Acclaim Foglights

    hi guys, so ive read and searched around but a few different things have came up ie i have heard the series ones came with the fog light looms so all i need is the fog switch, fuse, relay and foglights. wanting it to run from the factory switch but then other places i have read that only...