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vy berlina

  1. J

    Engine light on error The error MAF Sensor Circuit Low Frequency?

    Hi I have a vy berlina with a ls1 , mafless tune stock intake but disconnected maf. Engine light came on last night The error when scanned was MAF Sensor Circuit Low Frequency or low voltage .. At same time aircon stopped working ? Airflow meter unplugged so not sure what is causing this and...
  2. G

    VY Berlina sedan constant clunk/knock whenever I steering right (but not left)

    Hey guys. New to this. But my 2004 VY Berlina sedan makes a constant clunking/knocking noise whenever I’m steering right. It doesn’t happen when I turn left or if I’m going straight. The faster I accelerate while turning right the faster the noise. I suspect a strut issue but was wondering what...
  3. C

    PLEASE HELP! Lower Grille

    Okay so yesterday we hit a wallaby in my sII VY Berlina. The only damage was to the lower grille/bumper grille and one fog light which I need to replace. I have looked all over the internet and rang the wreckers. I can't find a lower grille anywhere! Does it go by another name? Is there another...
  4. CommodoreHero

    VY S2 HBD LS1 AUTO BERLINA Serious idle issue and false MIL

    Hay Guys I own a vy S2 LS1 Auto Berlina and I'm having real bad idle issues. When I start the car it's fine. Idles great. Once it warms up you can hear a small miss. But get in and drive it it goes away. BUT Stop at a set of lights or come to a complete stop then it will idle like a...
  5. boordy_23

    [SA] 03 VY Berlina 20" + HBD upgrades

    ITEM: 2003 VY Holden Berlina PRICE: $11,000 with 20" genuine BBOSS wheels and tyres or $10,500 with stock HBD wheels. All reasonable offers will be considered. LOCATION: SA, Eastern Suburbs. YEAR: March 2003 SERIES: VY BADGE: Example: Berlina ENGINE: 3.8L Ecotec...
  6. V

    03 VY Berlina

    Hey guys, i've recently bought my first car after working for a year and the 03 VY Berlina was my choice. So far the car is all stock and the only thing i've done is take the mud flaps off and get a gas tank fitted. I have pretty much no idea about mechanics but would love to know how to work...
  7. iaydemir

    Need suggestion's picking color!

    Hi Guys, Need suggestion's on what colour i should go with my VY. Its going to be a full respray, also have a sunroof that is going on. Because if the chrome trimmings etc on the outside im thinking of a Jet black, or a charcoal kind of colour but still have no idea.. Any suggestions?
  8. iaydemir

    [VIC] VY Berlina for sale!

    ITEM: 2002 sII VY Berlina LOCATION: Victoria, Northern Suburbs YEAR: 2002 (October) SERIES: VYII BADGE: Berlina ENGINE: 3.8L Ecotec V6 TRANSMISSION: Stage 2 Shift kitted auto COLOUR: Martini Green EXTERIOR CONDITION: Very good INTERIOR CONDITION: Very good TYRE CONDITION: 85% tread all...
  9. boordy_23

    VY 2003 Berlina

    Thought i would post a thread with the progress of my Berlina. Engine: 3.8L ecotec Colour: Quicksilver Model: 03 Berlina (i assume it is a series 1) So far i have done the following, -Fitted SL KINGs in the front and rear -Fitted and mounted a Series 2 Calais front mesh with foglight bezels...
  10. B

    New Ride

    G'day all, here is my VY S2 Berlina, bought August 09...received plenty of upgrades til now. Mods to date: September 2012 Exterior: - VZ Calais tail lights - VY Calais Headlights - VY Calais grill - VY Calais Chrome bonnet mould - Calais chrome door moulds - Calais chrome window moulds - 19...
  11. J

    Vy Air Conditioning

    hey guys, i have gone through days of looking at posts about the climate control vaccum problems where the vents change from face to screen under accelleration load, though i have read lots of threads about this topic i have not seen any real solutions , anyone that has had this problem can you...