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vy calais series ii

  1. J

    VY 3.8L Supercharged Pulleys

    Need new pulleys for my VY but I'm not sure if I should by them through Holden or online. From Holden they're about $280 for the lot and online they're about $140 ( https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182268525515 ). The person selling the pulleys online said the Holden dealers are plastic and that...
  2. J

    What brand of brakes best suit a VY?

    I had a series 2 VE in manual and after 4 years the brakes still had about 80% left (I know engine braking would have helped). I now have a series 2 VY Calais Auto (3.8L S) and need to change the brakes but I'm hearing that most brakes only last about 10,000kms. Is this because of the way the...
  3. Aaronthestig

    Vy2 lsd clunk

    Hey guys i have been having trouble with my LSD only spinning one wheel and was advised that i should change the diff oil, so 2days ago i replaced the diff oil with Red Line Heavy ShockProof oil as recommended to me (Red Line Synthetic Oil - Gear Oil for Differentials - Heavy ShockProof®) & now...
  4. K

    Does anyone know where i could purchase a Vy Calais Series II bodykit from?

    Any suggestions of places i could purchase a Vy Calais Series II bodykit from, would be appreciated. thanks.