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vy commodore

  1. B

    [NSW] Rough idle

    Hey everyone, I’ve just recently done a manual swap in my 2002 VY v6 commodore. Started her up and had a rough idle, so I looked for the vacuum lines and found then one running from the throttle body to the back of the heads was off so I put it back on. It made it a little bit better, but I...
  2. Macca1993

    04 vy thud sound in back end

    Hey guys just wondering if someone could help me out with a problem I’m having. I have a 2004 vy commodore which I’ve just recently found out the diff is needed to be replaced and I think the right side drive shaft?After finally working out this problem I now have a new one. When coming to a...
  3. V

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? ?

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? I know the exhaust from the cat back are different just can't seem to find anything on here to see if the headers and y peice are the same or different?
  4. A

    Vy commodore

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows something about something. My partners VY is leaking coolent but it usally starts leaking a little bit after a whole day after it ran it doesnt leak straight away.... So confused
  5. E

    Vy LS1 Water pump feedback and what else should I change?

    How’s it going. Anyone used this https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-01781 Tora water pump in their LS1? Anything else I should be changing at the same time? Cheers in advance.
  6. DeathSammich

    L67 Pulley Size

    I have an l67, recently put on new heads and it's running well with a 3.4" pulley. I plan to put in high ratio rockers and a mini blizzard w2a. My question is do I need a dyno tune to drop to a 3 2" pulley or can i order a mace memcal or a memcal from a reputable l67 tuner? Thanks!
  7. B

    Seeking vy ss

    hi guys I'm Ben just joined up here but been watching for years I'm after a vy ss auto sedan Nothing stock I've found one with 3 months reg and a rwc for $13000 It has Vcm head and cam Stage 2 shift with 3k high stall Standard lsd diff Pacey extractors 2.5 catback Otr Maf tune Lowered Vz ss...
  8. DeathSammich

    Compression Test Results

    Just performed a dry and wet comp test. Wet test did bairly anything. The car has 256xxxks on it. Results are Left bank 75 100 125 Right bank 125 95 125 Doing a leak down in a couple days. Let me know what you guys think!
  9. DeathSammich

    VY Idle Vacuum

    Hey guys recently got a VY l67. I've done a decent sized service since getting it. Done lim gaksets, replaced charger gasket, charger ubend gasket, tb gasket, PVC gasket, spark plugs, oil, coolant, thermostat and o2 sensors. My main concern is it still doesnt seem to pull a good amount of...
  10. V

    Swapping a full stock exhaust with a full exhaust system+extractors

    I have a auto vy s pac with a exhaust system and the extractors but i have just bought a manual vy s pac that has only got a stock exhaust im just wondering roughly how much it would cost to get the 2 exhaust swapped over from each car thanks
  11. L

    VY Auto Trans rattly

    Hi All. My son's VY auto has developed a loud rattle which seems to be coming from the bottom of the transmission front, around the flex-plate area. Is there any way of checking the flex-plate and torque converter bolts without removing the trans? It sounds like a nut or a bolt rattling around...
  12. J

    Vu questions help

    Hey everyone recently purchased a 2001 vu s and have had a couple of problems and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice and answers to my questions thanks I have been slowly losing coolant since I got the car and the other day the car was pouring white smoke out of the exhaust and I...
  13. V

    VY V6 Auto to Manual Conversion!!!

    So i have a vy s pac that is auto and want to convert it to a manual just wondering if someone that has done it could post on this tread a how to?? Just so if i get stuck along the way i have something to go by since i cant find much on the internet, any little bit of info will help cheers What...
  14. T

    Ecotec Vs Alloytec SIDI

    Hi there fellas, I am in the market for a new rig and am looking for a 6. I am wondering what your thoughts and opinions are on these engines and what I should get. My mate has an SV6 SIDI Ute and it has a nice amount of power. I have heard people have had problems with the earlier Alloytecs...
  15. S

    Immobilizer bypassing

    So my mate's vy key buttons stopped working, tried to fix it himself and pretty much ended up wrecking the chip in the key, all he's got now is the metal key part. Been going crazy trying to find a way to turn the immobilizer off but no luck, and nothing on the net, if anybody knows how we can...
  16. V

    2003 VY Steering Squeaking Problem + Fuel Consumption

    Hey everyone, New to this site but need some help with my VY, have a problem with what seems to be the front left hand side wheel? Started out whenever I turned to the right hard but has gotten significantly worse since, to the point that there is a constant squeaking even while steering wheel...
  17. D

    03 vy lumina trouble codes after head re planed and valves done

    so i have done headset valves all gaskets new air intake water pupm thermostat and cleaned throttle body now i have had idle problems that sorted after intake clean the latest is the idler bearing is on its was it also has the troble code in the dash cluster 0000000000000000 1000000000000000...
  18. E

    Bought facia kit, plug doesn't fit

    I bought a facia kit to install my new Sony head unit in my vy but the plug that came with it doesn't fit into head unit. Do I have to strip wires and connect this way? TIA
  19. R

    Air compressor clutch not kicking in

    Hi guys, I've been at this problem for a while now and not much people seem to know what's happening to this VY. Simple symptom is, the clutch in the AC compressor isn't kicking in. And the compressor was not getting any power supply to it. I've tested the relay by bridging the supply...
  20. N

    What's Better VX Super6 or ls1

    Hey guys looking at buying a new car, looking at a VX or a VY, I had my mind set on getting an LS1, but have multiple conflicting views, saying i should consider a L67 super6 instead, now the points I'm looking for are - Power comparisons (of course!) - Fuel Economy - Engine Longevity and...
  21. V

    Stinger alarm flashing lights with no sound

    Hello, my car used to make a chirp when locked but for a while now it's done nothing. The factory alarm still works so I haven't bothered to fix it - (Why would somebody have a second alarm installed anyway?!) Sometimes when I press lock twice to deadlock the car (VY Commodore) the Stinger alarm...
  22. G

    vy anti theft bypass

    Hey all I really need some help atm. I have just finished a full conversion interior and motor of a vy ss crewman into my vt the problem is that I have lost the key is there any way I can bypass the security system so I can start it to get it to a mechanic I live 1 hr away from anything any...
  23. H

    urgent help vy playing up on holidays :(

    Hey guys I'm knew here I'm just away on holidays , my car needed a jump start 2 days ago, had to get jumped again yesterday, my abs, traction control are coming up with warnings, my headunit is going on and off, my speedo, fuel, and temperature gauge is going off and on. I have a trailer on...
  24. S

    Tunerpro RT

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction towards setup and use of the Tunerpro RT software with a VY commodore? Any tips and hints is appreciated also any added downloads?
  25. G

    vt/vy engine conversion

    Hi, i have just been given a 2004 v8 ss ute i own a 99 vt v6 s i wanted to know if it is possible to put the v8 into my car due to the v8 being a writeoff if it is possible what complications will i hit. thanks :)
  26. M

    Looking for advice please VY Commodore Wagon

    Hi Guys I have a very non-mechancial partner and rely on the mechanics when servicing the car to determine the way forward My (very ugly green) Commodore Wagon has just clicked over 248000 kilometres - she is ugly but serves my purpose as I tow a dog trailer and have dogs in the car, and...
  27. S

    VY manual conversion

    Currently own a VY commodore with leaky Transmission problem. Believe it to be the pump. Not a clue on fixing it and have been considering a conversion for a while. First off Getrag 260 versus Borg-Warner T-5. Personally would prefer the tremac T-56 but is not a cost effective swap For the...
  28. S

    Modifying a Commodore

    Currently own a VY commodore. Just wondering what peoples thoughts where on a Jap mod based modded VY Commodore?? Like, 1, Big exhaust, (cannon, straight through etc.) I've seen an adjustable exhaust system where you press a button and it opens up... bypasses the muffler or something (this...
  29. D

    Installing short shifter, 5 speed.

    Hi guys, Recently purchased a short shifter and didn't come with instructions, I've taken all the console out amd everything and was wondering where do I go from here. (Picture attached) I'm guessing I've gotta get underneath the car but will I need to drop the box or is it just the bolts...
  30. J

    Starting Troubles, please help!

    Hey guys, so I have a VY Commodore with intermittent starting issues. I have seen a few threads about the same problem but none with real conclusive answers that have worked on my car. This issue has been occurring for a couple of months now and has cost me a small fortune taking it to mechanics...
  31. F

    Rear Control Arm issues Vy

    Due to going up a gutter, i know have a bent rear right control arm , Is it possible to remove and replace the rear control arm on a vy commodore or do you have to drop the whole cradle and go from there? Cannot remove the outer bolt to the control arm as the bolt is too long to remove.
  32. M

    My 04 vy Acclaim s2 wagon

    Stage 2 shift kit Mace cai Redback 2.5 catback no rear resi 17" vt senator wheels ( which i painted black ) Remote start Automatic windows up on deadlock SS headlights with switch back led strips Altezza tail lights Indicators behind side mirrors Custom grill Chrome tailgate garnish...
  33. P

    Vy dash and cluster conversion to vt commodore, please help!!

    Ok, i have spent hours searching posts regarding the conversion of a complete vy dash, cluster, console, steering wheel to my vt commodore executive sedan but am getting different answers on basically all of them. I just want to know if i have everything needed to complete the task, i have...
  34. F

    Replacing Brake pads

    Hi, was just wondering what type of brake pads I need for a Vy commodore
  35. T

    My VY SS, I Finally Got One

    Hi all, Just bought a VY SS not too long ago, and having rather enjoyed browsing the other cars in this part of the forum I thought I'd put mine up too. I have owned a VY S in the same hot house green for the past 4 years, but it was always just a little disappointing to drive knowing that...
  36. H

    VY II Calais Supercharged vs VE Calais V

    Hi all, Im wanting to buy a Holden Calais VY II Supercharged version but I'm curious to know which has more power. I love the look of it a lot better than the VE. I currently have a Holden Calais V VE, would the VY Supercharged have more power? Your advice is appreciated.
  37. J

    knocking sound

    gday guys so i have a vy acclaim that has about 230k on the clock and its been getting a bit hot lately but not to the point of over heating it usually gets about 3 qtrs of the way before it cools down i found out the fan wasnt working probably and got that fixed but its still does it and ive...
  38. C

    vy manual window winders

    plz help , rear window winders on my vy 04 SV8 just go round and round , pulled off door trim and and couldnt see anything broken . Winder cables are tight but handle just spins. Anyone know how to fix them?:
  39. M

    Can i make it Ported

    Hi I got this fiberglass sub enclosure with a type S sub running in it. the sub runs pretty gud and hits good bass but when i open the boot i can hear PHAR!! PHAR!! PHAR!! kinda noise from the sub. I thought if i could make a hole in the enclosure to let the extra air out . or i should...
  40. D

    problem with drivers side door lock (2002 vy sedan)

    Ok so i picked up my vy commy couple of months ago and at first it was fine. However, now i use the remote to unlock my car and all the locks work fine except for the drivers side. 50% of the time, the drivers side lock will only come up halfway and i have to use to key to bring it up the...