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vy exec

  1. C

    Vy stolen using spare key

    So my vy was stolen the other week due to my own stupidity ( they got there hands on my spare key) but luckily they couldnt drive for **** and blew front tyre ( killed the rim) and dumped it like a km from my place so luckily i got it back. The problem is i assume they still have the key as it...
  2. A

    My VY executive

    [First car] Tristans Vy exec - lots of mods to come Hey guys this is my first car keen to see what you guys think, had the car for about 3 months, its all pretty much stock but ill be changing it heaps when I leave school and get an actual job. Better pictures will be up soon got a few more...
  3. VjamesY

    Need Help!! Major problem with Brakes

    Ok guys, ill give you a run down on the activities of my car today and the problems that have arose. Today was hot! So I drove to the beach with mates in my VY with the car running perfectly. Didnt thrash it at all just cruised along but it was a long drive (around 1 hour 15 min). As I...
  4. V

    My stock 04 VY exec

    Hey Guys, Thought id try my luck on here with you all. Im wanting to start mods on my baby, iv had him for just over 6 months now and all iv done is remover the mud flaps and taken the plastic thing off the window. It was an ex cop car so its still got the chip. Im bringing my baby to...