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vy front cut

  1. V

    fitting VT front end to a VY executive

    Hi all, Am currently trying to find out if a vt/vx front cut would fit onto a vy exec shell. Would it be a big job? or would it be possible at all. The vy i've got has hit a tree head on and would need a full front cut to be repaired anyway and i prefer the vt's to the xy's anyway. Any help...
  2. V

    Attaching VT front cutt to a VY shell

    Hi all, Ive got a Vy executive in my backyard that has hit a tree head on. Ill need to get a whole front cut to repair it, but the big question is would a vt/vx front cut fit onto the shell and chassis of a vy. I like the vt/vx's more than the vy's frotn end. Also, how much would it cost to get...