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vy ii

  1. D

    My VY II - 25th Anniversary edition

    Thought I'd introduce myself and my new pride and joy :yeah: Bought my first Holden two days ago (always loved Holdens, and have been wanting a VY for a while - been on the look out to buy one for a few months now). I am 110% Holden crazy - especially my VY obviously :yahoo: I took the below...
  2. S

    Monaro Electric Seat slides back on it's own....

    Hi guys, Wondering if some wise heads can help. I've search the forums and no one seems to have had the problem I'm having.... Drivers electric seat in my '04 CV8 Monaro decides to move itself and slide all the way back until it stops. No other adjustment happens (height/tilt etc), she just...
  3. E

    replacing subframe + control arms

    Hi, new to the forum, not sure if this is the right place to post this. but i had a mishap with my VY, skidded a gutter, and the rear passenger wheel is sitting at a terrible angle (the bottom is facing inwards from the top). it bent a long rod about the thickness of my thumb (we...
  4. J

    Plenum Spacer ECOTECH

    Hi I was just wondering if any who HAS ACTUALLY installed a mace plenum spacer could tell me which one to buy with my car having extractors and air intake or IF THEY ACTUALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. ??????
  5. J

    [NSW] Black VY II SS - Clean & Mean

    When I purchased this car I wanted to make sure I got the cleanest VY II I could find and I searched high and low. The car was in exceptional condition,both inside and out. I hadnt seen one before in such good overall condition. After I bought it I installed the Advance Headers, got the Duspeed...
  6. W

    Crewman Sub Placement???

    Hi all, im buying VY II Crewman. I currently have a vx comodore sedan and have kicker speakers and subs. Im wondering if anyone can help me with somewhere to put the subs as i dont want to lose the bass out of my car. Subs are 12' speakers are 6' splits and 6x9. was wondering if anyone has any...