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vy mechanical advice

  1. SlowwVy

    Need Advice on what Mods to go with Ecotec V6

    Currently seeking to push a little more power out of my V6 Eco-tec, talked to some people and read many forums and ive came to a conclusion on my parts as I dont want to go over 2K have a twin full exhaust on at the moment. 25mm manifold insulator - $220 12mm plenum spacer - 150 1.9:1 ratio...
  2. S

    vy new engine needed

    Evening all I purchased VY a couple weeks ago. On way to work this morning noticed strange noise coming from engine. I took it straight back to dealer only short distance away. Their mechanic looked (kinda like a ratle worse hen accelerating) at it and said it did not sound good, he looked at...