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vy s2

  1. V

    VY S2 Clubsport Thermo Fan Always Running

    Hi , sorry if posted already. I just got a VY Clubsport S2 and the thermo Fan seam to continuously run when the motor is @ temp. the gauge rises to about 1/3 just above 1/4 mark. it never gets higher on the gauge and it drives fine. But they just wont shut down I haven't checked if my thermo...
  2. A

    VY sound system ideas

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking to get a decent sound system for my VY S Pac. I need a head unit (preferably double din), good set of speakers, sub and amp, for around $1,000 give or take a couple of hundred, as long as it got a nice sound and good bass :) any ideas would be great as I don't...
  3. R

    [VIC] VY S II Silver Immaculate condition

    ITEM: silver sedan, VY S series2, all stock, great condition, low ks, immaculate interior, great exterior. PRICE: Negotiable $11,800 if you are from the forum say so and i will be more negotiable (i also have it posted in carsales.com) LOCATION: Vic, Bulleen YEAR: 2004, last sector of...
  4. R

    audio = 100ks less per tank??

    hey guys and girls, about a month ago i installed a half decent audio set up in my VY S II and since then i have noticed my distance travelled per tank has dropped a fair bit. i always fill up with 95 fuel, i used to get anywhere between 450-560ks per tank before i would fill up depending on...
  5. R

    My VY S II, first car :)

    This is my first car, it’s a VY S series 2, completely stock when I bought it 7 months ago. I don’t plan on doing any performance mods because in my opinion I don’t see it being worth the money.. So, I went for slight cosmetic changes and a nice audio system :) Let me know what you think...
  6. T

    how to get access to the climate control fan

    Hey guys when i turn on my climate control i get a really annoying whistling, and as i put up the speed the more annoying it gets does anyone have instructions how to get tot he fan to check it out for a vy s2? thanks