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vy series 2

  1. D


    Hi guys, probably an odd question but I picked up a VY SS Series 2 last week and today I took the front bar off to see why the fog lights weren’t working and there was no wiring/plug for the fog lights behind. Checked the relay box and there was no relay in it. I thought fog lights were...
  2. jamie tsagliotis

    Vy grinding noise

    Hey guys Recently bought a vy v6 berlina 2004 series 2 and I have just noticed at a certain rpm when revving you can hear apmost like a grinding/saw noise as soon as it hits 2500-3000Rpm Sounds like its coming from under the car beaneath where the 2 front seats are. Really dont know what it is...
  3. vk4akp

    Suspension over hall VY2 Wagon. Bush Mechanic style, hints, tips etc needed! :) .-.-.

    Hi Guys, I've got a 2004 VY Series 2 Commodore Wagon that I haven't had too long. (Little over 6 Months maybe). It was a good buy. Lot of maintenance receipts from the previous owner. It's started giving a little wear on the front tyres. (Feathering, outside edge, only an inch or...
  4. vk4akp

    2004 VY Series 2 - V6 - Hybrid conversion (To Petrol / Electric!) ??

    Hi Guys, Been following the adventures of Elon Musk and Tesla for some time now. It's surprised me how fast the world is transitioning towards Solar and batteries for both home and transport. I really like my V6 Ecotec Commodore that I've now only had for some 6 ish months. It's my first...
  5. A

    VY series 2 s pac or VX series 2 s pac

    Hey guys and girls, I'm new here, so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section, but I'm looking to buy either a VY series 2 s pac or a VX series 2 s pac (both manual) and I just want to know what is everyone's thoughts on these cars. I've been seeing a lot of negative points made of...
  6. J

    Manual Conversion

    G'day, I've had my Vy Spack for about a year, it's ex-police, plus my old man helped my buy it. So naturaly i can't sell it and get another thats manual already. Plus my diff is about to blow... I was thinking of changing it to a 3.7 LSD and doing the manualy conversion at the same time. Any...
  7. R

    [VIC] VY Lukey cat back exhaust (new)

    ITEM: Lukey cat back exhaust. Suits VY series 2 Holden commodore LOCATION: VIC, Bulleen CONDITION: New PRICE: $180, negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: comment, will PM number/email/address OTHER INFO: this is a BRAND NEW...
  8. BakeTheTank

    Bakes VY Series II S

    Hey guys, picked up this baby in September last year. Few mods to come 95% of work done by 1st owner. Just gettin started on all this stuff, so bare with me :) Name: Kurt Age: 19 Year: 2004 Model: VY Series II S Engine Size: 3.8litre Kms: 97000 MODS: Interior: • VZ SS Foot...
  9. J

    Fitting Dual Cats to vx

    My Cat on my vx is blocked i was wondering if you use the twin cat system used on the vz v6 alloytec engine as these cats will be newer and easier to find ones with lower k's on them I've also heard that the vy series 2 v6 has twin cats also like the vz's if that true they should just bolt...