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  1. BrutalStormSC

    Brembo Big Brake Upgrade

    hey guys, I've been doing some reasearch here and everywhere. I've been trying to source individual part numbers within a kit (emailing the kit providers gave me nothing) from EmpirePerformance...
  2. P

    VY Calais mockup

    Hey guys recently bought a VY S-pac manual. Absolutely love it, came with a SS body kit but thinking about it making it into a calais mock up. Anyone know exactly what i have to change body kit wise? And would it be possible to make it look like a VZ calais mock up or are the bodies different...
  3. D

    VZ Headlight & Mode switches not illuminating on changeover

    I have a VZ SV6 Crewman (07), tricked a little but not under the bonnet. I'm in the process of upgrading the dash & clusters, one of the "fun" things is the lighting switches. My old ones are pewter color and they illuminate when headlights are on. I'm switching them to black, and I have...
  4. J

    Will vz/VY rear springs vt/vx

    Just wanna know if rear springs and/or shocks from a VY/vz will fit In a vt??
  5. G

    VZ Eletric Aerial

    Hi Everyone, Ive just installed a ipod interface kit into my VZ berlina 6 stakker :yeah: but now the eletric aerial dosent go up or down. Ive checked the Fuze and everything looks fine. Im wondering if there is anyway to bench test it to see if it is a problem with the aerial or the head...