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  1. 8

    Different types of 4 to 1 headers compared

    I am chasing a set of manifolds to fit a cammed LS1 that will go in a C3 1980 Corvette. Not sure exactly what will fit but i know Camaro headers fit. Is there a thread comparing the sizes and types of manifolds/extractors ? Here are all the ones i have found... Best i have read is the VY2 HSV...
  2. C

    Vy Abs Fault!!! Help needed

    Need help with abs on vy series 2... Abs is not working have checked all sensors with multimeter nothing comes up also checke the plugs that plug in to them they give a reading on it!! Not sure if I need to replace all sensors or could there be something else wrong??? Car is Vy s2 l67 converted...
  3. C

    VY2 idle issues

    I bought a vy2 Calais at the end of last year and think I might have picked up when old mate sensed things were gonna go down hill so sold it to me. It's a 3.8sc (l67) running 10lb. As the guy before me did these following mods I don't know fact from fiction although he did show me...
  4. J

    [NSW] Black VY II SS - Clean & Mean

    When I purchased this car I wanted to make sure I got the cleanest VY II I could find and I searched high and low. The car was in exceptional condition,both inside and out. I hadnt seen one before in such good overall condition. After I bought it I installed the Advance Headers, got the Duspeed...
  5. B

    alert/beep on harder breaking

    gday, I've got a VY2 exec station wagon - and just the other week I started getting a beep/alert whenever a harder than usual breaking is done. Anyone know what this is? No message comes up on the console... thanks, Bill.
  6. C

    new exhaust excessivly boomy

    My vy berlina had a new 2.5 catback lukey exhaust installed bout a month ago, which sounds fantastic...but at about 2200 rpm-2900 rpm, a horrible resonant boom hits everyone in the cabin. I dont mind how loud it gets, but its the thudding boom that really really hurts your ears, feels like...