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  1. Ralphski

    VYII 3.8 Idle issue.

    Hi all, I've googled the world for this with no joy.... Hope someone here's experienced this & is in 'the know'... 2004 VYII 300k's (I've had it since 140k's) standard motor (ex Pol car, factory LPG), auto, only change I've made is from vaporized LPG to injected LPG. Coils are less than...
  2. T

    Rough Idle after head gasket replacement

    Hi Folks, Just wanna say thanks for all the posts that have helped me up to this point, I always seem to find the answer to my questions through a post or two on here. Now, to the point: My head gasket failed after issues with a leaking radiator, there was no milky oil but I found...
  3. G

    [NSW] WTB: VY Nudge Bar

    ITEM: Nudge Bar to suit VY LOCATION: NSW/Vic Border CONDITION: Used PRICE: Neg. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: happy to collect or arrange courier collection. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other, up to you. CONTACT DETAILS: PM please. OTHER INFO...
  4. kidnplay01

    VYII HSV 04- Pioneer AVH-X8550BT- Aeropro cables- Antenna no rise?

    Hi, Have bought the necessary cables Aeropro Steering Wheel Control Harness CHVYVZA Aeropro Pioneer Adaptor cable to suit control harness APP10A OR IS IT APPIOA either way Aeropro to suit pioneer head unit APP8PIO headunit brand new Pioneer AVH-X8550BT European antenna adapter...
  5. T

    Will VZ Headlights fit into VY Series II?

    Hi there, I have to replace the headlights on my VY Series II Calais (no teardrop in the headlight), and I was wondering if the headlights from a VZ Calais would fit in. I know that the VZ grille is slightly larger that the VY, but the shape of the headlights are practically the same on...
  6. T

    VY Berlina with Alpine, radio static

    Hey guys, I've installed an Alpine CDE-148EBT head unit into my VYII Berlina wagon, previously had an Alpine CDE-135BT which was replaced under warranty for the same issue. Also running SPR-60C splits off an Alpine head unit power pack. I've done a bit of reading and tried a few fix I have...
  7. M

    Holden Calais VY Series II Brochure and HBD

    Hi all, With the ‘Holden By Design’ package on the VYII Calais, what were the extra features that were included on the car? Also, does anyone have the brochure for the VYII Calais that they could please scan and send to me? Was there a separate HDB brochure for the VYII Calais? If so, can...
  8. B

    Over Heating Question

    Hi All, I have a 2004 VY Exec Series II, which has been a reliable car for the last few years. I recently took it up to the sunshine coast from Brisbane to Melany (about 80/90 klms), with no dramas. Temp usually sits a bit under half on the gauge (pretty standard?). Anyway on the drive up...
  9. T

    [VIC] vy II acclaim wagon

    ITEM: blue vy series 2 wagon PRICE: $10500 LOCATION: victoria - cranbourne YEAR: december 2003 SERIES: VYII BADGE: acclaim ENGINE: ecotec 3.8l TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: good, except for clear coat peeling on right side. few dints and scratches...
  10. dah_man_ben

    My VYII Berlina

    Hey guys, thought it was about time I posted pics of my car. Basically got it in October '09 for a good price with low KM, and was also absolutely immaculate. It's my second car... had a VS Berlina before this. It's driven me to Melbourne, the river, Pt. Lincoln, Tasmania, and other places...
  11. BakeTheTank

    [NSW] WTB: VY/VZ back door trim to suit electronic windows

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Both left and right back door trims to suit a 2004 VY Series 2 S Pack and to fit electronic windows that I am going to install LOCATION: Tumut NSW CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay postage/courier costs PAYMENT OPTIONS...
  12. BakeTheTank

    VY Electric Back Windows - What are they worth?

    Hey guys, I've had the Back-Left and Back-Right electric window motors and switchs and wiring harness from a 2003 VY SS offered to me for $150 delivered, is that a reasonable price? I'm hoping to install them in my 2004 VYII S. Hit me back ASAP!
  13. BakeTheTank

    New Radiator - What to go with?

    Hey Guys, Had a coolant problem with my car last week, turns out the side tank on radiator has blown and I need a full Radiator replacement. The Mechanic has quoted me 270 for the radiator and 350 total to be fitted. Since its the side tank, does anyone know: - Do I need just the...
  14. BakeTheTank

    Bake's 2004 VY Series II S

    Delete thread please, made by accident. Delete thread please already made this page, this page was made by accident
  15. BakeTheTank

    98 Octane - In a Country Town

    Hey guys, I know this question has been asked many times before for all commodores, but after searching the forum, I cannot find my question being answered directly. So please dont explode! I live in a small country town, where the best fuels around here i can get are the: 1. Shell 98...
  16. BakeTheTank

    Installing Power Windows in rear seats of a 2004 VYII (Sedan)

    Hey Guys, first post on here so bare with me! Im looking to install power windows in the back of my car (there is already power and switches in the front) I know that I need the 'Wiring Looms' and a LHS & RHS back window electric regulator. I think I've seen the regulators for sale on some...
  17. W

    Holden Sale/Purchase Advice

    Hi all just wondering if you could give me some advice. I have a car and I'm looking to trade in with another guy. He has priced his vehicle at $22,990 and can be found here for more info: Find used cars and new cars online - CarPoint Australia Here is our car's info: 1 Lady owner...
  18. A

    vy acclaim just got it lowered

    vyII acclaim lowered with ultra lows on 18s - rear camber(4) fitted tell me what u think ill get better pics with better camera soon im planning on painting the calipers red and throwing on a twin exhaust tip for now. good idea/bad idea?
  19. albert5268

    VYII SV8 6 spd

    Hi everyone... well it's been a long time (since 2005) that I've been looking for a new car and finally I have one. Model: 2004 VY Series 2 SV8 Engine: 5.7L Gen III V8 Transmission: 6 speed manual Colour: Red Hot Factory extras: Rear power windows, side airbags Future mods: (Green means done...