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  1. E

    VY Cluster LED & LCD Removal

    Hey All, Have bought a new cluster as parts of mine have fried (Gotta love the LCD black ring of death)... I have got plenty of experience with soldering etc, but am having trouble removing the LCD's and LED screens at the solder points on my cluster to be changed over. Has anyone had much...
  2. P

    [Ecotec] Disconnecting a supercharger

    hi guys, im looking at buying a VY S pac for my first car and finding heaps, but noticing that all the supercharged models are going for a lot lower price. 2 questions here really, firstly how hard and what would you have to do to disconnect a supercharger off a v6 ecotec, obviously the engines...
  3. R

    vy supercharged diff

    Hey guys ive been looking around and I cant fjnd a definent answere for my 2 questions. I have a super6 vy amd was wondering if I had the m80 diff I also need to know if my car has 28 splines? If that makes any sense Thanks
  4. Vy S SC

    HID H4 VY HI/LO or Single Beam?

    Hi there. I was going to purchase a HID kit from the following site : http://www.delonixradar.com.au/hid-xenon/car-hid-lights/h4/dlx/50w/index.php#Questions I do a lot of rural driving and was going to install them in a projector headlight. I am a bit confused with which kit to...
  5. R

    new rocker bolts?

    where am i able to get replacement rocker bolts to replace the torque to yeild bolts that hold the rockers in place from factory?
  6. S

    un-even stance after being lowered??

    hey guys and girls, i drive a VY S II and just had my car lowered (professional, not DIY) and 2 weeks later i have noticed that it now sits un-even. the left rear is lower than the right rear?? i can only just squeez my hand between the gaurd and the trye on the left rear (how i want it) but on...
  7. SidePlate

    SSX bodykit to fit VY??? Help

    Hey guys, Anyone know of where i can get an aftermarket kit of the SSX front bumper?? Saw MISTRSS had one, any help would be great! Thanks.
  8. SidePlate

    VE bodykits on VY

    Hey everyone im new to the commodore scene and have a few ideas of what i would like mine to look like but i need some help from all you gurus out there. I have heard there is a way of putting VE GTS body kits on a VY is this true? I was considering getting the rear bumper and side skirts, but...