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    VY Ute rear craddle

    I had my ute wheel aligned today and they couldn't get the rear camber/toe correct even with a camber kit installed. My only guess is a previous accident. Is there anything I should check before spending time and money on another rear cradle? Thanks in advance.
  2. Z

    VY SS Starting problem

    Don’t know much about cars so that’s why I’m here asking for some opinions. Link below showing the car trying to turn over but just miss firing Thank you

    VY T56 Reverse Lock out problems

    Changing gears from 4th to 5th sometimes I am getting a grind as it is going into reverse. What can I check to confirm operation please ie, fuse, solenoid, switches or just a sloppy linkage 160k on car. Thanks
  4. B

    Seeking vy ss

    hi guys I'm Ben just joined up here but been watching for years I'm after a vy ss auto sedan Nothing stock I've found one with 3 months reg and a rwc for $13000 It has Vcm head and cam Stage 2 shift with 3k high stall Standard lsd diff Pacey extractors 2.5 catback Otr Maf tune Lowered Vz ss...

    Restore VY SS Alloy Rims to Original

    Hi, I am restoring my alloy rims back to original (Without Painting) and wondering if anyone can suggest a technique to make rim look original after sanding fine scratches. I am looking for the satin alloy colour.
  6. TommyC0412

    03 vy ss commodore indicator fault

    Hey have a 03 vy ss and the drivers side indicator is funtioning with the head lights. If the lights are off it works normal but when driving at night with headlights on the indicator just stays lit up not blinking. Anyone know a fix ive tried the flasher relay but didnt make a difference...
  7. J

    Having battery and electrical problems

    Hey guys just having some issues with my vy ss, the other day i did a long drive(about 2 hours) near the end my abs light came on and my aircon started fading, after i got home i tried to restart the car but the battery was dead, jumped it and it ran fine for a couple short trips, got a new...
  8. W

    [VIC] Wtb: Auto to suit vy ss

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Want to buy good auto that does not slip to suit VY SS LOCATION: VIC, South East Burbs CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Prefer pickup, willing to travel around VIC to pick up auto PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pickup CONTACT DETAILS...
  9. trav27

    VY SS clutch possbily gone? Need help please!

    Hey guys, just after some ideas/thoughts. Ive got a VY SS M6, on the way home from work this arvo i heard a snapping sort of sound then the gear disengaged & i couldn't get it back into gear, none would work. The clutch was springy & would push down to the floor. Although when i turned the...
  10. C

    PETROL CONSUMPTION - 250km/Full Tank. HELP

    Hi guys Bought my '03 VY SS S2 about 2 months ago, very happy with the jump from a 180sx to this (so far) As I said above, I owned a jap import for over 4 years and wanted something different but for the main purpose of carrying a trail bike, so forgive me because my V8 / commodore...
  11. trav27

    Trav's new VY SS

    Hey guys, haven't posted here in a while since my old VT died. Here is the new ride which i picked up last week :) Name - Travis Previous - VT exec VY SS 6 speed manual. Engine - 5.7 LS1 V8 Kms - !40K+ Price - 10K Mods- *Short shifter *Heavy duty clutch *pod gauges *Cat back...
  12. M

    audio upgrade

    g'day boys... has anyone tried a dig options head unit in a vy??? stock unit has failed (mech error) and need replacement. seen them on ebay for $500ish and they look like value with wheel control function, gps, bluetooth, iPhone, camera etc but i think it could be to good to be true...
  13. T


    I have just bought a vy SS ute, which has been debadged by the previous owner. I'm looking for the exact measurements of the positioning for a tailgate badge, and how to go about drilling the holes. Thanks! Todd
  14. V

    [QLD] VYSS ute 5.7 lt V8

    ITEM: 2002 vy ss utility PRICE: $15500 ono LOCATION: Qld YEAR: 2002 SERIES: VY series i BADGE: SS ENGINE: ls1 gen 3 5.7 lt v8 TRANSMISSION: manual COLOUR: green with some black vinyl EXTERIOR CONDITION: good condition, normal wear and tear for lowered car INTERIOR CONDITION: GREAT...
  15. C

    Vy v8 abs module issues

  16. D

    VY SS new CAI, reset ecu/pcm???

    Hi guys, I am about to install a new cold air induction kit and I would just wondering, would it be benificial to reset the ecu and pcm???? If so how do I do it???? Thanks fellers.
  17. faBReGaS

    [VIC] F/S 2003 VY SS 6-Speed Manual.

    FS: 2003 BLACK VY SS Sedan - Mafless tune, OTRCAI, Full exhaust 251rwkw ITEM: 03 BLACK VY SS MANUAL. PRICE: $17,000. LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne YEAR: Late 2003 SERIES: VY BADGE: SS ENGINE: 5.7ltr V8 TRANSMISSION: 6-Speed Manual COLOUR: Black EXTERIOR CONDITION: A few visible...
  18. Jenkos

    D.I.Y. extractors on VY SS ????

    Hey guy's looking at puttin in s/steel extractors into my vy ss ute. has anyone done this themselves??? just i know some model cars its not worth the hassel, just get a shop to do it.