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  1. White_VY

    Herron VY Series II Spac Ute

    Current mods: -Lowered (SL front SSL in rear) -White VE Calais series 2 rims -Hard lid -LED lights in tub/ full tub install -Footwell lights (removed) -Sound System 1x inside 1x in tub -15% Tint -Re-upholstered doors -Full custom dash -Custom 3inch cat back exhaust -Painted engine bay -HID's...
  2. J

    VY Front Widow Seal...

    hey everyone... the seal on my front window came off while driving today all the way from the hood to the first corner.... i put it back in but it came out again... does anyone know how to fix this and make it stick in better...
  3. J

    VY Arial Clicking

    hey everyone, my arial on my VY ute ticks over about 3 extra times when its fully up or fully down... is there anyway to fix this? its really annoying hahahah any help would be great thanks :)
  4. J

    VY verses VU UTES

    Hey guys just wondering which is a better ute... The VY or the VU... Let me know what you think and also what the difference between the two? Cheers
  5. J

    Slimline Subs

    hey guys just wondering for a VY commodore ute what slimline will be LOUD and bassy when i want it to be, yet blend well when i don't want it pounding. I've got a sealed enclosure for behind my seat which will fit any slimline sub, its 0.96 cu,ft.... and max mounting depth of about 5-5/12 inches...
  6. J

    can VY Utes fit full size 12" Sub behind the seat?

    (NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED ON THIS GUYS PICTURE, IT JUST SHOWS WELL) ive been told that the VY utes can fit a full size 12" sub behind the seat? is this true?
  7. D

    Vy airbag need helpp!

    gday blokes, had a prang in my vy the other week and hardly any panel damage was done but the F**kin airbag decided to pop in my face, how would i go about gettin it replaced and how much usually cause i need it real bad but due to the air bag being deployed i could get pulled over etc...