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vz calais

  1. V

    vz Calais 10 speakers ? Locations ?

    I have a 05 Calais and I’m looking to upgrade all the speakers. Everywhere saids Calais have 10 speakers in just seeing if anyone can confirm the 10 speakers consist of the 2-tweeters 2- front doors 2-rear doors 2-8inch subs where are the other 2 ??
  2. Y

    VF SSV 2 Redline Wheels fit a VZ Calais?

    Hi Guys, was just wondering to know if anyone else has put on a set of VF SSV Redline Series 2 19 inch rims on a VZ Commodore/calais before? I know what I have to do in order to make them fit but just EOI if anyone else has done it? Cheers
  3. D

    06 Vz Calais stalls after doing plugs and coils

    Hi i did the plugs and coils in a Vz Calais and now the car starts and sometimes stalls, or Stalls when you accelerate.
  4. G

    Vz Calais Bootlip

    Would anyone have a genuine Vz Calais Bootlip or know of anyone who could maybe help me out with one at all? Or point me In right direction were best place to find them in Melbourne .. Cheers
  5. S

    VZ Calais seats into VY

    Just wanted to make a thread about how to put VZ Calais seats into a VY because there’s not really much out there regarding the subject. Ok assuming you already have the seats out of the Calais ready to install, you’re gonna wanna disconnect the negative terminal on your battery and then wait...
  6. N

    VZ Calais: Not starting; fuel gauge error

    Hey all, I jumped in the VZ Calais today only for it to not start; it's not even cranking at all. With this, there's a fuel gauge error and there's also very low fuel - but the tank is full. Also, from time to time when it was running, there would be some instances of it not starting on the...
  7. Mitchell Pope

    VZ Calais- Alloytec to LS Conversion

  8. D

    How do i remove the front frame of a vz

    Hey guys just wondering I have some front end damage to my car, the front metal frame of the car is a bit pushed down than normal so I'm just wondering on how I would go on to remove the front frame of the Commodore not too sure what it's called but it's where the bonnet latch goes into and also...
  9. V


    Hey everyone, I've done a manual conversion on my 5 speed Vz Calais to 6 speed manual. I've gotten all the modules out of an SV6 and everything matches up and the car starts. since completing the conversion my digital and analog speedo will not work but all the other gauges work fine. Everything...
  10. SLAMGM

    Bens VZ Calais

    Name: -Ben Age: -22 Year: -2004 Make: -Holden Model: VZ Calais Type: Sedan Engine: 190kw (Once upon a time) High Output Alloytec Transmission: Standard Auto Diff: Standard Engine Modifications: -Cold Air Intake. -Catback Exhaust Power: N/A Wheels & Tyres: Vertini Drifts...
  11. Miickyy

    PLEASE HELP!!!! VZ pillars and map lights to Vx ss

    G'day boys. I got my self a Vz calais rooflining and pillars in black to do the conversion in my Vx ss. Best thing I've ever done love the black look over the beige crap it had. My question is it also came with the map light sunglass holder which I've fitted everything in looks great. The Vz...
  12. Miickyy

    Vx to Vz interior pillar upgrade. With lights

    G'day boys. I got my self a Vz calais rooflining and pillars in black to do the conversion in my Vx ss. Best thing I've ever done love the black look over the beige crap it had. My question is it also came with the map light sunglass holder which I've fitted everything in looks great. The Vz...
  13. N

    Broken DVD Player, Holden can't help

    Hi Guys, The front clip on my 2005 VZ Calais dvd player broke a couple of months ago and so the screen fell down and has been swinging in the breeze since, its that bad now that the hinges have broken and its looking pretty sketchy. I went to Holden to try and get a replacement part but he...
  14. Cappa1995

    VZ Calais binnacle fitment (VZ R8 Binnacle pod)

    Hey guys, I know this has probably been asked a few times, but all I have found have been in regards to wiring the gauges in. I would like to know whether the binnacle pod is a direct fitment to my dash (I do have CC, and the flip top compartment). If anyone could help me, and provide...
  15. M

    Whistling noise when driving, and Climate control (issue?) in VZ Calais

    Hey Guys, this is my first post to not only this forum, but first post ever, so I'm probably completely in the wrong spot or something aha So i bought this 04 Calais as a first car a while ago, and ever since having it, it has this whistling noise when you travel at speeds (anything above...
  16. G

    Alloytec Coolant Leak - Rear of block

    I've got a minor coolant leak at the back of the block on my VZ with an Alloytec V6 Engine. The thermo Seems to be dry, Any ideas why the coolant comes out the back of the head in this spot ?? (fluid running down over the transmission housing)
  17. Christinkler13

    Chris' VZ Calais

    Model: 2005 VZ Calais Color: Vespers Blue Transmission: 5 Speed Auto Odo: 180xxx Current Mods: - None! Future Mods: - Extractors back exhaust system (2 1/4's the way to go isn't it?) - 2 hole mod with MCAI - Possibly change the stock Calais rims to 18" SSV rims - Interior light...
  18. J

    VY or VZ Calais??

    Hey there peoples! Sorry if this isnt in the right section or if VZ stuff isnt meant to be in the VY section!!! Im about to sell my Valiant and buy a family car and im tossing up whether to get a VY or a VZ Calais?! Ive owned an Ecotec (VT) before and have driven an Alloytec in a VE as a...
  19. VjamesY

    [NSW] VZ calais black leather Interior

    ITEM: Black leather Seats and 4 door trims out of a VZ calais LOCATION: NSW, Hills District CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1000 open to offers DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: The seats and door trims are in good condition, removed from a...
  20. S

    VZ 05 Calais - current leak - electric seats HELP

    hi lads I've got a problem with a current leak in my VZ 05 calais. i've narrowed the problem down to the electric seats or possible the Memory seat module/ switch. I've had the battery run flat 3 times all overnight, and the problem has gone away ever since i disconnected the fuse for...
  21. S

    Replace VZ Rear Wheel Bearing [calais]

    Hi All I've searched around and had no luck in finding a thread that has a "How to" on changing the rear wheel bearings on a VZ commodore / Calais etc. I have recently had a squeaking sound coming from my rear left wheel. It sounds like bearings as the sound is always there at all speeds, brakes...
  22. hooez

    Owners manual - 2005 VZ Calais

    Hi Guys! I have just recently purchased a 2005 VZ Calais, which is my new pride and joy. My only issue is that i bought the car through a used car dealership and it did not come with an Owners manual. I have searched the threads and found that previous people have had my same issue, but...
  23. whitey5759

    VZ Calais Climate Control Fan Noise

    I've had my 2005 VZ Calais for about 6 months (which I bought from a Holden dealer in the city). Since then it has developed what would best be described as a chattering noise in the passengers footwell which I believe is the sound of something in the fan for the climate control. I beleive this...