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vz commodore

  1. T

    Vz wont start. (electrical problem)

    Went to start my vz and and its almost as if my battery is dead. Only thing is its a brand new battery which i have also had tested. The screen in the instrument cluster will turn on, try to do its system check then stop halfway. System check disappears and im left with the holden symbol on the...
  2. Jparr97

    Big brake kit

    Hi i have an 04 vz ss and was looking at putting a big kit on And was wodering if any one has any experience with xyz brand calipers and what their opinion on them was, and if the web site i will be ordering them from is reliable. Any feedback would be great. Link to kit below...
  3. S

    VZ head unit installation

    Having so much trouble getting my head unit out. Can't seem to find any screws to make it budge, besides the tiny ones that are internal and backwards! Taken three screws from beneath the bottom trim, but no use. What do I do?
  4. Fu Manchu

    [General] Alloytec Engine Assembly

    Found this great video showing the assembly process of the Alloytec engine. Might help someone. This one is twin turbo, but you get the idea. If only they put a twin turbo 3.6ltr in a Commodore. (Yeah, I know what I'm saying).
  5. Fu Manchu

    Codes P0008, P0009, P0016, P0017, P0018 & P0019

    Found this juicy nugget of info. So timing chains may not always be why timing is incorrect. Movement of the tone wheel can be a problem. Of course, it means the engine is pretty much fkd. Have to replace the crank...
  6. robgm

    Commodore VZ fuel injectors replacement

    I've been having issues with my commodore VZ 2005 over the last few weeks. Used these forums a few times. Turns out it was a faulty fuel injector. I made a youtube of replacing the injectors in Commodore VZ Acclaim 2005 Alloytec (170kw?). Im no expert so bear with it if you need to do it. It...
  7. nbas99

    VZ Lower radiator support repair

    Hey guys, Currently have a repairable write off vehicle. Main damage was to the K frame (already repaired), and also the lower radiator support had also bend. I have bought a new one however part of the repair needs to be by the manufacturer workshop manual. Does anyone have these details as...
  8. W

    VZ Rough Idle on Warm start

    Hi all, This one sounds like a bit of an oldie but a goodie. I've got a 2004 VZ SS ute 5.7 LS1, you all know the one. It's got a VCM performance intake (so no MAS) and makes noise but doesn't go anywhere quick. Starts fine cold, when you start it warm later in the day 15 min 30 min whenever...
  9. semiprowarrior4

    vz exhaust

    Is the v6 vz onetonne ute exhaust the same length as the v6 vz wagon
  10. jprior2912

    Car Won't crank - opinions needed

    Hello all, I've been diving deep into this forum over the past few days trying to look for some kind of answer, but I'm still not 100% sure. I bought a really cheap 04 auto VZ executive last week, and was told it needed a new starter and then it would run fine. Changed starter and still...
  11. K

    Vz Running Rough

    Started my vz v6 lumina drove for a little bit, car started running very rough and misfiring. Checked all areas for vacuum leaks, there were non. One by one I disconnected the coil packs while the car was running and found that “cylinder 1” had no change when disconnected. I than swapped coil...
  12. D

    VZ how to drain fuel and remove fuel filter

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help me out, I own a 2005 VZ Calais V8 gen, which hasn't been started up and driven for about 4 years, I've already replaced the oil and oil filter and new battery, all that's left is to drain the fuel out of car and put new fuel in. I was just wondering if...
  13. L

    what modifications should i do?

    here i have a Vz holden commodore and just looking for advice on what to change.
  14. 05 vz

    Car missing jerks and has lost power

    Car is a 05 vz executive automatic 3.6l so I went to drive today and I now have a massive miss at idle and on acceleration the car jerks really rough and has hardly any power any ideas I'm not very mechanical minded / handy at Machanical stuff but what I've read on google keeps coming back to...
  15. S

    Help removing harmonic balancer bolt?

    So I think the timing chains have **** themselves on my VZ, I'm in the process of removing the pulleys and the balancer, but I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong. How am I supposed to crack the bolt on the balancer? I know there's a special locking tool to get it done, but I can't justify...
  16. P

    Steering wheel controls not working - VZ

    Hey guys and girls, i have a VZ SV6 commodore and i changed my head unit in april to a JVC KW-R500 and i used an aeropro control harness to allow my steering wheel controls to work and it did, but after a couple of months i installed my sub and amp since then my steering wheel controls haven't...
  17. J

    Stuck Nut

    Im working on my bushings for the lower control arm and ive come across a nut on top of the ball joint which is stuck. Because the nut is screwed onto a bolt inside the ball joint it spins every time i try to loosen it. Has anyone come across this problem and has a solution? thanks
  18. D

    Please help with this type of oil catch can install (vz ls1)

    Hi Guys have this catch can as pictured. I know where the 2 on the side hook up to it is just the bottom bit i got no idea? Cheers
  19. P

    Occasionally starting to over heat when parked and engin running for few minutes

    I'm having this issue Occasionally my car is starting to over heat when parked and engin running for more than a few minutes.. The car dose not seem to be loosing any coolant. And Iv never seen it start to spike up on the temp gauge when I have been driving, it's only started when I'm parked up...
  20. J

    Programming New Key fob

    I bought my VZ in Feb and it only came with one key. I purchased a new key fob off ebay as i was worried the battery in the existing remote would go flat and i would be stuck having to spend a lot getting it sorted. I programmed the new fob using instructions from Mr Minit and it was fully...
  21. C


    Hi Guys, I am preparing to take my 06 VZ commodore on a 3000KM (Yes, 3000KM, 3099 to be precise) drive through the Australian outback in the middle of summer with a trailer and will be having a transmission cooler fitted through the week. I got a quote for ~$700 to install a temp guage on...
  22. M

    VZ door will not unlock or open

    Hi all, I have tried to find an answer elsewhere without luck. I have a 2005 VZ Commodore Acclaim. In recent times I have had a problem with the lock on the rear passenger side door. The first time the issue happened, I locked the car and the alarm went off. The reason for this was that...
  23. V

    VZ Factory Radio stopped working after reversed leads during a jump start

    Hi all, I have searched the forum but no luck so I am hoping you experienced members can assist and thank you in advance... My buddy has a 2005 VZ Commodore with a factory stereo installed. He assisted someone with a jump start but had the cables reversed briefly (not sure if it was his...
  24. R

    Need help

    Helllo, im new to this site (Long time reader, short time poster) I seem to have the dreaded "Check powertrain" warning light. I can not seem to pin point the problem, so thats why im here :) The powertrain light seem has beeen getting wrose over the last month or so, the strange thing...
  25. V

    Cat Back Exhuast for 2005 VZ Commodore Equipe

    Hey guys, would putting a cat back exhuast (w/ muffler) mack the car growl more / sound better? also would it be legal for a P plater to have a growler kit? Im new to the car side of the world so anything else I could do to make the car better? Thanks
  26. V

    Just brought a 2005 Special Edition VZ Commodore Equipe (Help needed)

    Hi guys, i'm 15 and my dad sold me this car for a grand and it had only done 78,000km. I was wondering how I could make it louder and less suzuki swifty with it still being legal! thanks :)
  27. B

    VZ power train mode, safety mode, complete shut down

    I was driving and out of no where the check power train appeared then the safety mode came on, I took it to the nearest mechanic and had it scanned the mechanic said it appeared to have no major problems but couldn't work out what has going on after an hour or so the only answer was that when my...
  28. E

    [VIC] DOING an Alloytec engine conversion!?

    So the story goes like this. My ex-housemate smashed up his VZ commodore just before moving out. After having it sit on my lawn unmovable for the next 2 months I decided that in an effort to do something with it and make an attempt to emancipate my ex-housemate from my life completely, I bought...
  29. N

    VZ idles when cranked but won't run

    So my VZ wouldn't run this morning. At first I thought it was being funny because of the cold weather but it just wouldnt run. It would idle if i held the key in the crank position but as soon as I let the key go back to run it would cut out. I tried this a few times, but couldnt get it working...
  30. Wheelzy

    VZ Aftermarket Headlight Problem!

    Hey Guys! My mrs just bought a VZ SV6 and it's got aftermarket headlights, they look awesome but when she's got her headlights on the high beams and fog lights glow very dim, has anybody got any idea how to fix this issue? Cheers guys! Wheelzy!
  31. Crackpot

    Driver's door automatically deadlocks!

    Hey all Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything. I have set my system so when I go out of park, the doors automatically lock. Now I haven't had any issues with the locks yet. However, today, when I tried to unlock the driver's door manually from inside, I found...
  32. V

    Removing exhaust system from VT, to VZ

    Hey guys I have a VT commodore and I got a 2.5 inch system put on it a while ago, circumstances have changed and now I'm getting a VZ sv6. I was JUST WONDERING if it would be possible to remove the system from the VT and put it on the VZ. I might or might not do it yet, but it would be good to...
  33. Vz SS

    Vz 5.7 to l98 conversion

    I have a vz 5.7 and I'm looking at putting a l98 6.0 L in it I was wondering what was required to do this I know you have to change the reluctor wheel to a 24 tooth but how do you do that and what else is required
  34. Vz SS

    front speaker size

    does anyone know the size of the speakers in the front door in a vz ute
  35. Vz SS

    my 2004 vz 5.7 m6 ute

    hi this is my 2004 vz ss ute when i bought it it had 20" billet specialties wheels and air bag rear suspention since then i put ve ssv wheels pacemaker extractors walkinshaw (HM Headers) twin 2.5" cat back and a vcm OTR future mods include 416CI stroker maloo flat hard cover and...
  36. A

    Canopy problem

    Hi, I have just bought a vz sv6 ute and it has a canopy on it, the previous owner has siliconed it to the car and I would like to take it off but I was just wondering, to take it off do I just have to undo the 4 bolted clamps inside the tray and lift it off or does it slide into a groove...
  37. M

    What is this connector for...?

    While installing 6x9 speakers in my mates vz , i came across this yellow connector shoe .. Wasnt sure what is it use.. I got a vy II but dont have one.. Nethier did he knew about it.
  38. L

    can it still be

    :help:Can It Still Be The Actulator On My VZ SV6:help: the passanger door lock will work when sitting in the car with all doors shut and pressing the nob down manualy, all doors will lock and unlock with no problems :unsure:BUT when pressing the button on the remote the alarm go's off and when...
  39. L

    Vz Manual Conversion Problem

    Hey, I did a conversion on my 2005 Vz Executive from auto to manual and everything works besides my speedo? No auto electric people where i live no how to fix it ( or their too dumb) and i really want my speedo to work, its been about 2 months now with out it :( Does anyone know how to...
  40. S

    Sv6 Problems: trouble starting

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help, For the past 2 weeks I have had trouble starting my car. For a few months now it would randomly cut out when I first started it but soon as i turned it back on, it would start straight away and from then on be fine for a while. 2 weeks ago though...