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vz executive

  1. S

    Vz lcd dash display

    Tried to change the dashlights over last night, but when I tried to take the lcd display off, it broke. Was looking at getting a secondhand dash and switxhing the display screens and was wondering could a Vy lcd fit? From what I can tell the only difference in the two is the wiring harness.
  2. M

    VZ misfire odd bank but prestenting with no codes on Scan Tool

    Hi guy my self and My uncle have been at this car for a while the engine has done 160k and replaced engine that has done 180k.both engines start but misfire on 1 3 and 5 and runs real rough and unable to drive. We've just about exhausted every option and are at a loss to what may be causing...
  3. V

    vz executive acceleration

    Hi guys this is my first post here so bare with me... I have a 08/2004 vz executive plugs have been replaced but not coils, I also have a cai, custom exhaust, lowered suspension and extractors... Now for the problem... From a stop If I accelerate hard it just doesn't go anywhere for between...
  4. 6

    Vz ss rear bumper fits vz executive?

    Hi, can any one help with if bumper is a sure fit with new ss tail lights or was i supposed to use a sv6 rear and lights. I sat the bumper next to the old bumper on the car and doesn't seem right.
  5. Dom27

    Calais reflector bar in exec bumper

    If I buy one of these Will I be able to swap it with the existing strip in my exec's rear bumper?
  6. M

    My VZ Executive - First Car

    This is my VZ Executive I bought it stock standard and have slowly made it into something I am quite happy with. I would like a body kit but I also need some kind of cash influx. I have added... Wheels - 19 inch SSV genuine Holden Led Daytime running lights Removed mud flaps Lowered with...
  7. H

    Supercharge VZ exec?

    Hey can can you supercharge a VZ exec? and if so, what are the effects and repercussions? cheers
  8. davo43

    Dave's VZ executive wagon

    Hi everyone, though it was about time I introduced myself and my car. I'm Dave and I drive a VZ executive wagon in odyssey blue. The mrs and myself bought the car about 6 weeks ago as we needed something roomy, comfortable and reliable for our upcoming road trip across Australia :) The car...