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vz ss

  1. Jparr97

    What To Do Next?

    hi i've got a 2004 vz 5.7l SS, i have fitted a full exhaust system (4 into 1 1-3/4" headers 100 cell cats and 3" catback) and an OTR( kept the MAF) i got the car tuned at profection hume in ACT at the start of the year and it made 253 rwkw and am very happy with the results. i do what to get the...
  2. 2

    Did I get ripped off

    I just paid 650 bucks to have my map sensor and oil pressure switch replaced on my vz ss, this is my first v8 so I'm pretty new to this engine. Just wondering if I got ripped off or not.
  3. Chipz

    VZ SS decelerate stall(rpm drop)

    Hey all I can not work out what is going on with my car and need as much advice and suggestions as I can get! My 5.7 Crewman Auto has all of a sudden desided it wants to have a drop in rpm below idle every time i get off the gas and can stall because of this. When it does the "decel rpm drop" it...
  4. M

    Vz ss lifters replacement

    Hey guys, so this week I’ve noticed that tick tick tick only slight coming from the 5.7 LS1 and can assume the lifters are on the way. I’ve got a quote of $3500 to do the job which seems excessive. Can anyone let me know of a mechanic and rough cost if they have had it done before . Located...
  5. M

    VY S2 Calais bonnet on a VY SS S1?

    G'day. Unlike the username might suggest (changed cars) I have a quicksilver VY SS with some badly damaged paint on the bonnet. I'm always keeping my eye out on various sites to find a wrecking VY bonnet but can't seem to find one in quicksilver. I understand you can't really fit a VZ bonnet...

    Windscreen Lower Wiper Deflector New

    Where can I buy a new wiper deflector for my VY? Thankyou.
  7. M

    [WA] VZ SS Speedo Calibration

    Recently bought my first commodore (VZ SS) and the first thing that I noticed was the speedo is reading about 80% of the real time speed. The car is on newish wheels and recently had its diff replaced (not sure what ratio, was done by previous owner), so no doubt that would explain for the...
  8. X


    Hey guys, today I swapped the stock shifter on my vz thunder Ute for a cube speed t56 shifter. Looks the goods, seems identical to the rip shifter. Really happy with it. Everything went smoothly installing it and feels great. Shifts perfect feels tight, everything was fine. I drove it around a...
  9. D

    Vz ss just stopped

    Hi all. Just in time for Christmas, my 06 ss ute decided to just stop, pulled up to a gate and opens the door and it just turned off. As if the key was turned off. Ignition on, it says no fuel, and fault, srs fault, traction fault( although it didn’t have traction control) a small X on the...
  10. slyr23

    VZ SS ute is slower then sedan?

    I have an 05 SS ute 6 speed manual. It's a great car but ive read that they are massively slower then the sedans. Is it true that they put out less KW then the sedans? I understand the diff ratio is different but surely they put out the same 250kw? I never thought of it until my old man said...
  11. Miickyy

    PLEASE HELP!!!! VZ pillars and map lights to Vx ss

    G'day boys. I got my self a Vz calais rooflining and pillars in black to do the conversion in my Vx ss. Best thing I've ever done love the black look over the beige crap it had. My question is it also came with the map light sunglass holder which I've fitted everything in looks great. The Vz...
  12. Miickyy

    Vx to Vz interior pillar upgrade. With lights

    G'day boys. I got my self a Vz calais rooflining and pillars in black to do the conversion in my Vx ss. Best thing I've ever done love the black look over the beige crap it had. My question is it also came with the map light sunglass holder which I've fitted everything in looks great. The Vz...
  13. Z

    [SA] WTB: Duspeed OTR to suit 2005 VZ SS

    ITEM: Duspeed OTR to suit 2005 VZ SS LS1 Auto.... Maf or Mafless fine. LOCATION: South Australia, Adelaide CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: Hopefully good. :-) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: prefer pick up & pay cash, but willing to pay freight if packed up carefully and the price is right...
  14. T

    wheel arch extensions (slr 5000) on a vz ss ute

    Hey guys I'm new to this site cause I've been thinking of putting something similar to the old torana bolt on wheel extensions on my 04 vz ss ute. i just want to know if anyone has any pictures of something like it or any recommendations. hoping to get answers on some appropriate answers or pics...
  15. J

    VZ SS to VZ SV6 headlight swap

    Ive got a 2005 VZ SV6 commodore and was curious as to whether or not the VZ SS tail and head lights would fit a VZ SV6. From what ive heard, they do but just wanted to know if anyone has experience with this swap. Anyone that has any VZ SS lights for sale HMU aswell. Thanks :surprise:
  16. V

    VZ V8 Safety Mode Issues

    My 2005 VZ SS manual has a problem where the dash alarm sounds then "Reduced Power" "Safety Mode" is displayed and the engine drops back to near-idle. As my car is a manual this leaves me with not even enough power to keep the car moving or move off from stationery (perhaps an auto trans would...
  17. M

    Running rough!

    Hi all, I've just recently had all the belts changed on my VZ SS, since then it has been running a little rough, is this just coincidence or is it a timing issue from the mechanic not retuning it after the new belts went on?
  18. T

    crashed vz ss questions

    I have a vz ss ute that I have been fixing crashed in left pass headlight all panel work and motor n box have been pulled out and put back in.problem is now I have no spark and wont start only thing I have to put back together is the wires that were crushed wires were cut near the radiator I...
  19. 6

    Vz ss rear bumper fits vz executive?

    Hi, can any one help with if bumper is a sure fit with new ss tail lights or was i supposed to use a sv6 rear and lights. I sat the bumper next to the old bumper on the car and doesn't seem right.
  20. M

    VZ SS Ute Safety Mode Fault

    Hey all I've been having issues with my 05 VZ SS. When the car has been driven for an extended period of time or in hot weather the car runs like absolute **** and Safety mode comes up and the car loses most of its power. I've had it in the shop but they say they cant find a fault with it...
  21. H

    VZ SS Lights into a VZ V6

    Got a vz v6 ute but was thinking of getting a SS bumper and changing the head lights while i was there, just wondering if the SS lights are a straight swap wiring and size wise? Cheers! Sorry if this is a repeat found a few threads for VY's but not for VZ's, spose it would be the same but...
  22. M

    Ultima short shocks & King Springs

    Hi all, I'm in the market for some new struts/shocks for my VZ SS Sedan (lowered on Kings SSLs all round), as my current ones have had it, and after doing a bit of research I had decided on KYB struts/shocks. However, recently I have noticed Ultima stuff on eBay for quite a reasonable price...
  23. iaydemir

    [VIC] FS - Brand new pair of VZ SS guards - LHS & RHS - No flutes or indicators

    ITEM: FS - Brand new pair of VZ SS guards - LHS & RHS - No flutes or indicators LOCATION: Vic, Northern Suburbs CONDITION: New PRICE: 90 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick-up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, 0421499010 OTHER INFO: FS - Brand new...
  24. iaydemir

    [VIC] FS - Brand new pair of genuine VZ SS indicators

    ITEM: Brand new pair of genuine VZ SS indicators LOCATION: VIC, Northern Suburbs CONDITION: New PRICE: $50 firm with postage / $40 pick-up DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick-up or can be posted anywhere in Aus. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, 0421499010...
  25. J

    Help! 2005 VZ SS

    Hey all, My 2005 VZ SS runs a little rough at idle and when i take it for a rap it some times stalls when breaking WTF?? its auto as well but it now has got the SVS alarm up ( Service vehical soon ) not the dervice reminder mind you. I've used my ODB2 and found no codes....any help would be...
  26. Vz SS

    my 2004 vz 5.7 m6 ute

    hi this is my 2004 vz ss ute when i bought it it had 20" billet specialties wheels and air bag rear suspention since then i put ve ssv wheels pacemaker extractors walkinshaw (HM Headers) twin 2.5" cat back and a vcm OTR future mods include 416CI stroker maloo flat hard cover and...
  27. Vz SS

    How many is to many k's for for a new cam and yella terra supercharger

    Hi i have a vz ss ute 5.7 with 160,000 km's and I'm looking at doing heads cam and supercharger and I just want to know wether the engine has too many k's and needs a full rebuild or just lifters if anything
  28. 6

    Vz gear knob/boot are gen3 & 4 the same?

    Hi all, i would like to replace the gear knob/boot in my vz ss crewman (with the gen4 6.0 in it) What i am wondering though is will the gear knob for the vz gen 3 fit on the shiter for the gen 4? As i have found a gear knob and boot for sale listed as vz gen 3 with the same colour stitching...
  29. 9

    VZ SS gearbox issues?

    Hey all, I recently bought myself a 2006 VZ SS :spot on: - the 6l auto. It's done ~125000km, and I've only driven the last 3000 of them. When I first bought it there was a slight whir in the engine, I assumed it was normal, having never owned a V8 and not being the biggest car buff out...
  30. Matty-346

    How to remove vz ss side indicator

    Hey guys just a quick one, was just checking how to remove the side indicator to change the globe over not sure if I'm supposed to just rip it out or not ( don't want to damage it obviously) any help would be great cheers
  31. J

    Custom OTR rubbing on underside of bonnet

    Hi Guys, Just bought a VZ SS Ute with a heap of work done. It was done by a mechanic who works for a sponsor of this forum. There are no receipts of work done so I am guessing no warranty? Anyway, I would like to know the exact specs for an OTR for this model. I may have to have another...
  32. S

    VZ SS Odometer plates

    I have a couple of VZ SS Odometer plates i picked up at a swap meet ages ago. I think they were prototypes or blue prints before final production. Are they worth anything to anyone? They are just sitting around wasting space at my place.
  33. M

    VZ SS Check Powertrain and Traction Control always off?

    Hi guys this is my first time posting so go easy on me. So as the title says, whenever I start my car up the engine light (check powertrain) comes on and then the traction control automatically turns itself off as well. I don't mind the traction control being off all the time but it's just...
  34. S

    HSV option plate on vz ss ute

    Hi all, I’ve bought my first ute about 6months ago now and just want to know what the HSV option plate on it with a stamp of "AWL". I’m assuming it’s a wheel option but unsure what wheel. The ute has aftermarket wheels on it now but i wouldn’t mind tracking down a set of the wheels to make...
  35. C

    VZ SS ute vibration. Centre bearing?

    I have an VZ SS ute that i just bought and it has a little vibration at about 70-100kph thats sort of comes and goes over and over. I;ve been told of off a couple of people that is the centre bearing. Has anyone had this this problem? The car has only done 100k. Any help would be great.
  36. Koeck

    Water leak in rear of cabin VZ SS ute

    Yesterday i bought a VZ SS ute and today while cleaning it i noticed that behind the drivers seat at the rear of the cabin, under the carpet was soaked, just wondering if this same thing has happened to anyone else, or if any one might know where its coming from. PLEASE HELP!! Cheers, Dean
  37. Tuffy

    VZ SS ute

    Name: Mike Model: 2005 VZ SS ute Color: Impulse Blue Engine Type: 5.7 gen 3 Engine Mods: Growler CAI Power: 250 rwkws Exhaust: extractors with s/s twin Gearbox: 4 Speed Auto Diff: Stock LSD Brakes: Stock Suspension: Lowered on Kings Springs Wheels/Tyres: 18" Monaro Interior: Blue...
  38. D

    vz ss steering locking??

    any one with a vz ss know of or had problem with the steering locking while driving?? and if the steering column and ignition barrel needs to be replaced or just one of?
  39. V

    Wing or no wing???

    I got a red vz ss and I'm contemplating taking the wing off what do you reakon? Does anyone have any photos of one without a wing?
  40. V

    VZ ss need help!

    First thing i ent to race my car and as i was going to do a brake job the wheels didnt spin and it just shuddered wat is it and how do i stop it? Second thing i wanna convert it to manual but my mate said it cant be done because the motor it programmed to auto, is that true? If it is possible...