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vz svz

  1. M

    Vz svz v8 convertion

    Hey guys just after some info!! seeing the vz never released an ss wagon but did in a Ute an sedan I wanted to know if I brought an svz wagon an put a 6.0 in it would I be able to get it registered in Victoria??
  2. D

    Morpheous VZ SVZ Ute

    Hey there mad units! Been a member for a while and realised I haven't made a thread yet haha. So here it is, my money pit >< Name: Steve Model: 2007 VZ SVZ Ute Paint: Morpheous Metallic Odometre when purchased : 43000 :D Engine: 3.6L Alloytec 190 V6 Engine Mods: N/A Exhaust: Pacemaker...