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vz thunder

  1. Sam Crockett

    Exhaust Hanging way too low

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 VZ Thunder S Utility and I have put an xforce 2.25 exhaust system on it with a straight piped rear. My car is also lowered on ssl rears and sl fronts. I have noticed my exhaust is hanging incredibly low? Just wondering if anyone can suggest an exhaust brand that tucks up...
  2. Gaiter

    Gaiter's 06 VZ SS Thunder

    Model : '06 VZ SS Thunder Ute Odo : 95,000 (when purchased) Colour : Impulse Blue Engine Type : L98 6.0Lt V8 Transmission : 6 speed Manual Engine Mods : - 4-1 Extractors (unsure of brand) - Exhaust (unsure of brand) - Duspeed OTR CAI Wheels : - VE SSV 20" Gloss Black Suspension : - Front...
  3. R

    installing 4l60e/4l65e transo hd2 shift kit into vz thunder.

    Hey im having trouble when it comes to the boost valve... there seems to be a female plug infront of it.. says nothing of this in the instructions. im lost has anyone got any idea? cheers
  4. K

    Vz thunder issue, Please Help

    So I have a v6 auto thunder ute and about 4 weeks a go I clicked it in to drive and when I went to take off there was a bang as like I hit something but there was nothing around me and nothing on the road. This happen twice in 2 weeks. Than last week I was turning a corner and heard/kind felt...
  5. T

    VZ Headlight delay

    g day all... i have a vz thunder and i have changed the cluster over to a vz hsz cluster.. now i dont seem to have the same cluter options as i used to... the main options that i am after is the headlight off delay.... not sure if there is any other way to get the same old options... if anyone...