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vz ute

  1. blaize1310

    VZ Crewman how to remove outer C-Pillar and rear roof plastic trims

    Hi Guys, I have a VZ Crewman and the plastic trim parts on the c-pillars and along the back of the turret/roof panel all have clear coat peel, no surprise there huh, anyway I want to remove them so I can get them repainted but I'm not sure whats involved in removing them?? I would prefer to...
  2. M

    Vz ute won’t crank after engine swap and manual conversion

    Hi all , So I recently done an engine swap from 175kw to 190kw aswell as manual conversion from 4 spd auto to 6spd manual. Everything’s been plugged in and Ecu, bcm, pim and key head have been replaced but the Ute won’t crank at all. It gets reds on the dash but won’t make a sound when I try to...
  3. M

    E3 wheels on vz ss ute

    Hey guys , New to the site . I’ve got a vz ss ute which has been lowered by Previous owner. I have 18s on it currently. But I want to put the 20” E3 gts wheels on the ute . Tyre size will be 245/30r20 on the new e3s. The ute has FE2 suspension but apparently this is a problem due to the strut...
  4. B


    im looking to buy a 2005 Vz Utility V6 It’s Auto Got 215 000 km on clock Timing belt changed about 60 000 km ago $4000 with rwc Serviced regularly What do you guys think in terms of relaiblity? Am Inlaying too much ?
  5. semiprowarrior4

    vz exhaust

    Is the v6 vz onetonne ute exhaust the same length as the v6 vz wagon
  6. B

    Resonator touching gas tank heat shield

    Hi, I bought a new exhaust and the resonator is up against the Heat shield and this gets quite warm when driving and its up against the gas tank. Will It be ok heat wise for example if I can still touch the heat shield? Thanks
  7. N

    Knock in front of Vz ute

    Hi everyone, I have a 2004 Vz ute and I have noticed lately that it's making a rather heavy knocking noise somewhere in the front end, it's normally only when I turn up curbs or when I'm turning into a driveway, I have been told that it could be strut mount bushes but I am just here to get...
  8. E

    Fuel Gauge Error - Holden 07 VZ Ute

    Fuel tank has been removed by someone who borrowed the car, they put diesel in it instead of fuel, drained the lines and then put it back. Now 'fuel tank error' shows up. Warning shows very low fuel. I'm not sure what could be the issue however there is a hose either not there or missing coming...
  9. T

    crashed vz ss questions

    I have a vz ss ute that I have been fixing crashed in left pass headlight all panel work and motor n box have been pulled out and put back in.problem is now I have no spark and wont start only thing I have to put back together is the wires that were crushed wires were cut near the radiator I...
  10. S

    [VIC] Wanted To Buy - VZ CLUBSPORT RIMS

    Wanted to Buy ITEM: Vz Clubsport or Supersport rims LOCATION: Victoria/Geelong CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: willing pay postage/shipping costs will travel to pick up dependant on location PAYMENT OPTIONS: Will pay by Cash or Paypal CONTACT DETAILS...
  11. barra218

    VZ Ute Sound System Build

    Hi all. Its been a while since I've done anything on this site! (Had my ute for well over 2 years and haven't even done a thread for it yet!) But anyway here goes something! Ok! So I decided to write up a build of the sound system I'm doing in my vz sv6 ute at the moment! It will be replacing...
  12. H

    VZ SS Lights into a VZ V6

    Got a vz v6 ute but was thinking of getting a SS bumper and changing the head lights while i was there, just wondering if the SS lights are a straight swap wiring and size wise? Cheers! Sorry if this is a repeat found a few threads for VY's but not for VZ's, spose it would be the same but...
  13. H

    VZ ute exterior LED's

    Ok i got a vz ute but its a six and dont have the ss or storm etc. bodykit therefore being no wiring for the fog lights. (I just have black caps where the foggies should be). I bought these led's but didn't think to check if the wiring was there so i could wire the led strips up and stick them...
  14. Vz SS

    my 2004 vz 5.7 m6 ute

    hi this is my 2004 vz ss ute when i bought it it had 20" billet specialties wheels and air bag rear suspention since then i put ve ssv wheels pacemaker extractors walkinshaw (HM Headers) twin 2.5" cat back and a vcm OTR future mods include 416CI stroker maloo flat hard cover and...
  15. 9

    2006 VZ Thunder S

    Model: VZ Thunder S Color: Phantom Black Engine: Alloytech 175 Engine Mods: Stock V6 Exhaust: Stock Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual Diff: LSD Wheels: Stock Thunder 18's Suspension: Rear ultra lows, front super lows Future Mods: Head unit and splits Tinted windows Tune
  16. T

    2007 VZ sv6

    Hey, I just bought this ute looking for ideas on suspension and mods, i've read the forums just wondering if i could chat to someone that has a good idea on vz utes and the springs i'd need to slam it nicely :) 2007 sv6 vz 6 speed manual so stoked just feel so lame driving it around while its...
  17. T

    [SA] VZ, 6 Speed Manual ute, with extras

    ITEM: VZ SII V6 Ute PRICE: $18,000 LOCATION: Port Lincoln, South Australia 5606 YEAR: 2007 SERIES: VZ SII BADGE: Holden Ute ENGINE: Alloytech V6 3.6 TRANSMISSION: Manual 6 speed COLOUR: Black \ Phantom EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent INTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent TYRE CONDITION: 85% +...
  18. N

    2005 vz ute mods

    just got a stock standard white vz ute and just wondering what to do with it ? i was thinking 19'' wheels thunder hard lid lowered smoked tail lights and indicators and sound system any feedback would be awsome
  19. JoeFish

    [QLD] Wanted! VZ V6 UTE

    DESCRIPTION: Want to Buy ITEM: I am chasing a VZ ute. Needs to be Blue or White. Low KM's and not flogged. LOCATION: QLD CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: paypal, whatever preferred. CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected]
  20. barra218

    VZ S One Tonner 190??

    Hey everyone, im looking at buying a 2005 VZ S One Tonner ute and just wondering if they came with the 190Kw engine!? Thanks!
  21. T

    VZ stud pattern - will these rims fit?

    hey guys, just wondering if these specs make sense to any of you. i dont know alot about the stud patterns and off sets. but these are the rims i am potentially thinking about buying. just need to know if they will fit a VZ ute. cheers, Wheels: XHP Jet series, chrome, 18x7.5" size, 5/100...
  22. T

    [SA] WTB - 18" or 19" Chrome Rims to suit VZ ute

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: ideally, looking for a set of 18" or 19" XHP Jet Rims in Chrome LOCATION: SA - Eyre Peninsula CONDITION: New or Used, not too fussed. second hand doesnt bother me as long as they are in good condition. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pay for...
  23. B

    Hard Lids and Sports Bars

    Hey, I want to put a sports bar on my VZ ute and was wondering if I could keep my hard lid on it and cut holes around there the sports bar goes or do I need to sell the hard lid? Also can you buy special hard lids that fit utes with sports bars on them? Cheers
  24. jdrVZute

    My 2005 VZ Ute doesn't have ABS

    Why doesn't my 2005 VZ Ute have ABS Anti-lock Brakes? Shouldn't it be standard for a 2005 model? If anyone knows, please reply, Cheers.
  25. T

    Does anyone kno if a vz hardtop will fit a vs

    Hi I was just wondering if a fiberglass hardtop off a vz ute will fit a vs ute I kno it will need different mounts I just can't find measurements Thanks heaps
  26. I

    VZ, Single Cab Ute Canopy

    Hi, I just signed up to this site but have been reading for a while now and have found it very helpful. So thanks for the great info. I bought my 1st holden 3 weeks ago after long wanting one. It came with a flexiglass canopy and 1600kg cap. roof racks built into it. I'm hoping to get some...
  27. S

    VZ ute ecotec wont start?

    I have an V6 04 VZ Ute At least twice a week when starting it up it will have ABS warnings(but ABS works perfectly). there are no trouble codes for this on car. Once a week it wont start at all, it will crank but wont start. You turn the key to accessory and see the instrument pannel lite...
  28. hwy747

    [NSW] FS Silver Chaser rims of VZ Ute AS NEW

    ITEM: 4 x silver chaser rims off VZ ute with centre caps and black bolts. Only on car 150km until mags were fitted so these are as good as new. LOCATION: Georges Hall NSW (Near Bankstown area) CONDITION: Used but as good as new PRICE: Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I...