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vz v6

  1. Fu Manchu

    [VZ] VZ VE VF Alloytec Cooling System Repairs

    The following is for both VZ and VE and VF Alloytec motors. The first part of this is on my VZ. Opened the bonnet only to discover a fine line of pink spray from the dry red coolant, all across the engine bay. Lucky to catch it before it let go all together, and no doubt at an inconvenient...
  2. T

    VZ no power when accelerating

    Hey guys / girls It’s a 2006 VZ V6 Aloytech LEO 4 speed auto ute. I’m currently haveing issues when accelerating. I can accelerate normally/ gently but as soon as I need to take off quickly or accelerate heavy while already moving nothing happens. It drives normally but anything over 2,000...
  3. A

    VZ V6 exhaust

    Hi guys, I have a 2006 175kw V6 commodore. I am looking to upgrade the exhaust and I have found a VX clubsport R8 exhaust. I was wondering if it would fit on the commodore. If not, what 2nd hand exhaust could I get for under $100 Cheers
  4. A

    LPG gas problem vz v6

    Hi guys Ive got commodore vz 2005 I got problen with lpg. Few days ago i changed the all spark plugs because car was missing when I accelerate hut changing spark plug fixed that problem but after week it has new problem when i stop car somewhere it looks like someone push my car and car and...
  5. H

    VZ SV6 Sump Removal

    Removing VZ V6 Sump This job sucks but if you're going to do it you may as well do the timing cover, engine mounts and control arm bushes all at the same time!!! Also the oil pickup is bolted to the sump and connected to the oil pump via an o-ring so it just comes out with the sump. Do at you...
  6. S

    VZ V6 radiator & coolant mix for the snow fields?

    Have been searching for anything here in the forums about coolant mixes for going to the snow fields but cant see anything. I want to ask is the standard mix of OEM coolant in my system good enough for the car to be parked for 4 days down there? Not sure yet if we need to use the car while we...
  7. C

    new youtube show about cars out anyone seen

    hey guys just found this show on youtube called oz mods. its about two guys working on commodores looks preaty good there first epp is up here is the link. it about working on vz v6. Fitting vz exhaust - YouTube its preaty cool
  8. H

    fuel econemy

    hi guys, maybe a few of you can help me with a bit of a econemy isue my sister is having ... my sister has a VZ wagon auto aloytech 3.6 with aprox 170,000ks, i have a VS sedan manual ecotech 3.8. aprox 450,000ks and my car gets far better econemy than my sisters, dispite the bigger...
  9. K


    hey guys i got a problem with my 2006 VZ 'S' Thunder. Yesterday coming home from work my car seemed to just shut down, check drivechain light came on, brakes became similar to that of when the car is not on, power steering turned itself off, and did not want to accelerate but engine remained...
  10. S

    VZ v6 engine mounts replacement

    My 2004 engine mounts need replacing but the mechanic at utlra tune said it would cost $350 labour to fix. I bought some new mounts from supercheap for $127 but was wondering what needs to be done to replace them yourself? And is it as hard to do as the vs v6?
  11. Spudrageous

    Vz v6 supercharged fuel problem help

    It'd be awesome if someone can answer this I have some sort of fuel problem. I bought a scan tool to try figure it out. It was showing that my long term fuel trim is constantly at -12.5% for bank 1 and -10.9% for bank 2 right through the whole rev range and cold start up. Short term fuel...
  12. C

    vz alloytec extractor/high flow cat problems

    i recently installed a set of di fillipo extractors and high flow cats for my vz storm ute but it has sort of backfired on me my car has brought up a drive train error and it seems to rattle when i start it. also my engine is telling me it has overheated and the engine is only warm to the...