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vz wagon

  1. S

    Engine Whine

    Need help. Recently been hearing a whining noise coming from the car. Only happens when the car is coasting/idling, and sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Noise stops when under power, and starts back up after coming off the accelerator. Also seems to stop when the cooloing fans turn on. Had a quick...
  2. Drew9203

    VZ Wagon dust deflector removal

    Good morning people, I need to replace the dust deflector on my wagon after a neighbour kicked it to bits with a footy. I have tracked one down at a wrecker, but need to remove it myself. Has anyone done this before? I have no idea and would appreciate the help. Bear in mind, I want to put the...
  3. S

    Vz lcd dash display

    Tried to change the dashlights over last night, but when I tried to take the lcd display off, it broke. Was looking at getting a secondhand dash and switxhing the display screens and was wondering could a Vy lcd fit? From what I can tell the only difference in the two is the wiring harness.
  4. semiprowarrior4

    vz exhaust

    Is the v6 vz onetonne ute exhaust the same length as the v6 vz wagon
  5. M

    Less then great economy...

    Hey guys, over the past 2-3 weeks my 2004 wagon has been absolutely drinking fuel. It stared not long after doing the 2-hole air box mod and then get even worse after changing oil/filter, topping up all fluid levels and installing a K&N air filter. I used to be able to get a bit over 2 weeks out...
  6. K


    Hi All, I have a 2005 VZ Commodore Lumina wagon, and for the past year or so, whenever I need to use the windscreen wipers, they work fine on intermittent, and the slower regular speed, but when it is a heavy downpour, and I try to put them on the fast speed, they simply stop working, and freeze...
  7. J

    BMW X5 rims on a VZ

    Will BMW X5 wheels fit straight onto my vz wagon with low profile tyres on them or will there be issues with hub size becuase I know the stud pattern is the same
  8. A

    VZ Berlina BCM

    Have everything for climate control conversion and have made up a custom loom from a Calais loom and an SVZ loom and the conversion is ready to go apart from the BCM. The Calais BCM is no good because it doesn't support a rear wiper which is essential in the wagon. Does anyone have a VZ...
  9. S

    How to remove 3rd brake light on VZ wagon?

    I was just wondering how you remove the 3rd brake light, i did try to unscrew the two screws in it but the screws are just spinning because they are plastic ****. Any photos on how to do it as well would be good! Thanks.
  10. S

    Which tail lights look better?

    Hey guys, I found these tail lights that i want to purchase for a VZ wagon but i'm unsure how they will look on my car as i have seen aftermarket lights that look like crap and some that make the car pop. I'm just wondering what your thoughts are and if you have custom tail lights on your car...
  11. L

    VZ wagon/Adventra tailgate issues

    I Need some help, I had the front lower control arm bushes replaced lastweek and now it seems that my rear wiper and glass release on the tial gate are not working, they worked about 2 weeks ago... has anyone got a wiring diagram for the boot control? I think one of the wires in one of the...
  12. hwy747

    [NSW] VT - VZ wagon items for sale

    ITEM: Genuine Holden Cargo barrier (including mounting screws for base), Cargo blind LOCATION: NSW Southwest Sydney (Georges Hall) CONDITION: Used (Barrier's perspex is scratched but it is still sturdy and does the job), cargo blind is in OK used condition (NOW SOLD) PRICE: $50 for cargo...