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  1. E


    im sorry if anything similar has already been posted. But i am after an aftermarket front bumper for the vz sv6 that isnt holden, would anyone know of anything that would fit the model or is there no point in bothering in this,
  2. N

    VZ SV6 190 Tune

    FYI Noobie. Hey I have recently started modding my car and wondering what the best tune would be for it. I have read through threads but was wondering what tune would be good for my car in particular with the mods below. Car - 2005 VZ SV6 Alloytech190 Modifications - MACE CAI - MACE...
  3. coug

    alloytec vz

    Hey everyone After some help on my vz 190kw sv6 5spd auto Is the technology out yet for a shift kit for this transmission or is there any other way which is better/available to make the gear changes quicker/harder with no lag? Any help would be greatly appreciated.