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    Clutch Slip

    Hey everyone, Took delivery of my thunder s last weekend, and I can't stress how much love I have for that machine :) On a sadder note, I encountered a problem of a slipping clutch just yesterday after some driving in heavy traffic and then some er, wet roads in which I accidently got a...
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    Factory Lowering

    Simple question - I just cant find an answer... When Holden factory lower a ute, how low do they go? Taking delivery of my Thunder this weekend, and the ride height is right at the pinnacle of my 'must do' modification list. I dont want it to scrape, and from what I've seen (pics on...
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    VZ UTE - Slimline Subs/Interior Modifications

    I feel like i've seemingly gone through every thread on the internet and not found what i'm looking for... For some background info, all the information relates to an install into a 06 VZ Thunder S ute, of which I will be taking delivery this coming Saturday (unbelievably excited). I'd...