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  1. JaydxnKennedy

    VE SS wagon rear camber adjustment

    Hi all, I have a VE SS sportswagon that’s sitting on SSSL’s with 20” (yeah buds) Simmons on 275x30x20 I have an issue with the amount of camber my rears have, are the rears adjustable on a wagon? Or is it only the sedans? And if anyone has any tips that would be greatly appreciated!!! Cheers.
  2. H

    VR Wagon Not Cranking, Relay Not pulling in

    How’s it going guys, Having trouble with my wagon. Put Key in, turn it, wagon won’t crank. Starter relay isn’t pulling in, have tested it and the switched Earth it gets from BCM/ECU isn’t getting there allowing it to pull. Guessed at park switch, replaced it, still nothing. Bridged a known earth...
  3. P

    2002 VY Wagon LS Conversion

    Hi! First time poster here. I've got a 2002 VY Acclaim wagon auto that I'm looking to engine swap to a LS1 and I was looking for some advice on where to start. My plan was to buy a refurbed long engine and a v8 statesman/something similar parts car. I know I will need to get an engineer on...
  4. B

    VF Wagon Power Amp Install

    My previous VF Calais wagon was written off after hail storm damage so I removed the Kicker ZX200.2 amp and Alpine speakers before they carted it off. My replacement Calais V VF wagon has no room under the passenger seat for the amp due to the seat electrics. The only place where it would fit is...
  5. I

    2004 vy new headunit not working? (Jvc media player double din)

    Replaced the stock ones witha brand new one and it doesnt seem to turn on.. i tried everything in my knowledge to make it work.. it wouldnt be the head unit because its brand new. All the wirings are connected to where theyre suppose to be. Only thing i havent done is check the fuse.. but i want...
  6. O

    Looking for a LPG vapour converter, SV6 Wagon VF 2013, mine is dead..

    Hi, n00b here.. I have a Sports Wagon VF SV6 LPG 2013, and my vapour converter is now dead; I took it to Holden and to one more place in Carrum Downs in VIC, and both told me that this part is nowhere in Australia, on Back Order with Holden, ETA is 6-8 weeks... It kills me, I need to work...
  7. Brayden3223

    Wagon Weathershields

    Hey guys just a quick question, one of my mates own a wagon and he’s looking to buy weathershields for it. He’s wanting to do front and rear doors but can’t find anywhere that will do it on the vz. Does anybody know who or where to get them? Cheers
  8. Will89

    VE S2 sportswagon hatch mosquito cover

    I'm going to be camping in the back of my ve ssv wagon while doing a few cross country trips just wondering if any of you guys know of a zipup mosquito net/weather proof cover that's made to go across the back hatch on a commodore??
  9. RorzaaBoy

    Vr brake lights dont work when pressing brake pedal

    The taillights work as they should but dont get brighter when pressing brake pedal. Dont know if its going to be expensive or tricky
  10. single pegga pig

    Vk 202 auto to manual conversion

    Hey all, I have myself an 84, carby black 202 vk wagon. Sadly, it's an auto and I'm wanting to get some advice on manual conversions as I've never done one before. Treat me as if I know nothing on the subject, because I don't. I need to know what I'll need, where I'd look to find what I need...
  11. RorzaaBoy

    Frosted tail lights

    Who has frosted tail lights on a vn vp vs vr wagon? Just want to see some other wagon bootys for inspiration.
  12. RorzaaBoy

    How to recon a bosch alternator in 94 vr

    Just bought a 94 vr acclaim, and after driving it very aggressively for the first few days i had it, the battery died, so i charged it and the car died within an hour of running, Im pretty sure it is the alternator but is there a way i can check? And if it is, how do i recondition it?
  13. L

    How to remove me wagon rear bumper

    Does anybody have any info on removing a ve sv6 wagon rear bumper. My wife's got dinged in car park and I've got anreplaa replto go on tomorrow but other than the screws in wheel arch I'm a little stumped. Any help would be appreciated
  14. J

    VZ head unit broken ?

    The Head unit of my wagon 2005 VZ executive doesn't work properly it turns on but the radio doesn't make a sound and it seems like there is a cd stuck inside because the display says CD IN but i can't get it out and it's also not making a sound. Does anyone know how i could fix this problem...
  15. Drgt1974

    Vt 5.0 wagon exhaust thoughts

    Hi all hope everyone is well Looking for new twin 2.5 cat back for the Vt S1 5.0 wagon It’s got hitec headers Currently got what I think is xforce as the tips are but it’s like Swiss cheese lol Holes all through mid mufflers and all through pipes It’s old Looks like had rear muffler around the...
  16. S

    Intake mods Alloytec

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this, but I haven't been able to find one. Just bought a VZ Exec. wagon (175kw), and was wanting to up the power a bit. Unfortunatley, due to the missus being in her P's, I'm limited as to what I can do (have to keep it 130kw/t). One idea I've been playing...
  17. S

    What size surfboard can you fit in a VF wagon??

    Hi everyone, looking at getting a longboard and would prefer to travel with it inside the car instead of fitting roof racks. Weird question, but has anyone tried putting a Malibu surfboard/longboard inside their VF wagon? If yes, what size was your board? 9’1, 9’2, 9’3, 9’4 or even a 9’5...
  18. A


    My auto 2010 Ve series 2 wagon has been playing up. Going up hills it splutters and loses some power, like its got no guts. I have to manually change gears to get up them. Engine light did come on once amd then went off, I have hooked it up to a sensor tool and its throwing no codes. Ive got no...
  19. jasevessvR

    [NSW] WTB VE II L98 Wagon Parts (Manual)

    ITEM: stock airbox including Maf, and full stock exhaust LOCATION: NSW but open to offers CONDITION: Used PRICE: Let me know please DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other CONTACT DETAILS: 0425303667 OTHER INFO: needs to fit a manual...
  20. Bennyvfssvredline

    Ben's 2014 VF SSV Redline Wagon

    Hi all! Haven't had a holden since my last 2003 vy wagon which then had an L67 engine put in. I recently ordered this Holden VF ssv Redline wagon in silver. Picking it up in November, first plan is to upgrade the exhaust as its so quiet right now https://ibb.co/k3G769 https://ibb.co/iNdRzU...
  21. S

    Best roof racks for VF wagon?

    did a search and saw a few issues with the Holden roof racks. Can anyone recommend a good looking roof rack for a 2017 vf wagon, rolla? Rhino?? Or is it a no-go to put a surfboard on the roof and hit the highway in a VF wagon these days?
  22. gnastez

    VE Calais Wagon rear ended

    Hi All, I was taking my MY09 VE Calais V Wagon to it's Buyer to be, he had the cash and everything ready... 10 minutes from the meetup, a guy has rear ended me and pushed me into the car in from. It's comp insured for 14000. Now I need to get assessed etc etc. What are the chances of a non...
  23. D

    Hi-flow cat

    I got a vy wagon I'm putting a cat back 2.5 exhaust on I was thinking about doing a hi-flow cat too just looking for opinions on this whether I should do it or not ???
  24. M

    Need advice

    Hey ladies and gents, so I've just been called out by a mate for a drag race and I'm not sure if I'll take the win and I can't lose to a falcon. So my question is, what can I do to my vz wagon to gain an edge in a couple of days with limited money that wont damage my car
  25. Bennybee

    Vp wagon - can’t open boot

    Ok guys this is my first post, but not my first problem with this car, it’s done 500,000kms so im just happy she is still running :) never been any major issues (just lights blowing out or flat tyres, simple stuff) Manual vp wagon (I’m second owner bought from elderly man who had it for the...
  26. MOE_SS

    19 inch wheels, big brakes, offset and tyre size

    hi all, I am looking at getting some wheels for my SSV Wagon. I have some 4pot brembos front and back off a series two that I am going to put on and I really don't want a 35series profile tyre so I was thinking of getting some 19 inch wheels instead of 20s. Either something in the Koya range...
  27. ebonymarie

    Ve ssv a/c won’t turn on

    Hi guys, I have a 2009 ve ssv wagon. I bought it back in April and now the warmer weather has arrived I have noticed I can’t turn my a/c on. Whenever I press the button, it doesn’t do anything. It just says a/c off. I’ve checked the fuses and the belt and they seem fine. Does it just need to...
  28. J

    VE Wagon Seats

    Will seats and door cards from a VE Berlina Wagon fit into an SV6 VE Wagon with working electrics? Also if anyone's selling a set of leather seats to suit a VE sv6 Wagon please let me know
  29. ebonymarie

    Sedan exhuast fit wagon?????

    hi, I have found a secondhand xforce exhuast off a ls2 gts. I just wanna know if it would fit my ssv wagon?
  30. G

    Ignition lights turn on but wont turn over

    I recently changed the door on my vz, I had it running while I was putting everything back in its spot and after I plugged the power mirror wire in to the mirror control and pushed it into the door, it turned itself of and now it wont turn over, just need some ideas on what it could be.
  31. J

    VE SV6 Wagon series 2

    Just bought a series 2 VE SV6 2012 Wagon from a dealer and I just have a couple of concerns, they provided a RWC but I'm not sure what the following may be: -When doing a U-turn I get a creeky sound so I think there may be an oil leak in the steering rack? -When the car starts up there's a noise...
  32. Ethan Bailey

    Turbo swap into a VH Wagon

    Hey guys, New to the forum, so g'day everyone. I'm thinking of purchasing a VH Wagon for a run about car and selling my (don't judge) 2011 FG XR6T Ute so put some money into a house I have just purchased. Has anyone swapped the old carby motor out for an EFI turbo? What is the best motor to...
  33. V

    09 VE catalytic converter replacement??

    Hi guys I own a 2009 VE international wagon, While driving a few weeks back i noticed a slight noise coming from the front left of the car and after taking it to the mechanics today he has informed me that i need a new L/Hand cat. Im not super finanical atm with my 4x4 being rego'd and i have a...
  34. I

    [NSW] What to buy!$

    Hello,me and my partner currently own a Cruze and it is fine and will be keeping it, but I am wanting to buy a used automatic (yes I'm one of those people) commodore wagon (mainly for boot space)or sedan for around $10,000. As I have really no idea about all the different series, would love some...
  35. N

    New owner of 2000 Commodore wagon

    Hey everyone, I'm sure this has been asked thousands of times so I'm sorry to be that guy. I'm a new owner of the 2000 commodore wagon, 226,000km. I got a very good deal on it and it runs great. But What are some common problems with this model? Just trying to learn, do the right thing, and...
  36. C

    Looking at buying a ve wagon around 2010..

    Hi. Just looking for some help on the pro's and con's of buying a ve wagon for the family. And which wagon would suit us better ( International, sv6, ss etc)? We will be doing a bit of travelling, camping trips etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  37. M

    King springs ssls

    Okay so I want to lower my wagon, but someone keeps telling me to get a size lower for the back so sls for the front and ssls for the rear to make it sit level, is this true?
  38. S

    3.0L SIDI Twin Turbo

    Does anyone know of, or has anyone seen a 3.0l sidi omega turbocharged?
  39. Holden Statesman/Caprice Wagon aka the Lexadore

    Holden Statesman/Caprice Wagon aka the Lexadore

    So this is my toyota lexcen which we all know IS a holden at heart. full statesman conversion including all interior from carpet to seatbelts and even rear seats
  40. C

    VT Wagon Fuel Issue

    Hey lads, I recently picked up a VT wagon I've been using for work which has a low fuel issue. So after filling the tank up full, I can only use about 60L before the car has issues starting and running if I'm on any sort of incline and/or parked in the gutter. Before I start investigating it...