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  1. D

    Walkinshaw Upgrades 2020

    Hi all, My question is: Does anyone know if the Walkinshaw upgrades done to the vf2 commodores today are the same exhaust systems as a few years ago? Does anyone know if they had a stockpile of exhaust systems for future upgrades? I love the sound of the W375 pack and will get one but I want the...
  2. 2007 SS-V walkinshaw Customisation

    2007 SS-V walkinshaw Customisation

    2006 VE SS-V Sedan manual , 91650klms Sep My07 plated , Walkinshaw Enhancements, Customised Drag Racing Cammed :-) , , HOLDEN VE COMMODORE SS-V 6.0 L Gen4 6SPEED MANUAL—WALKINSHAW ENHANCED 2006 Custom Sedan 91560klm garaged for last five years as seen in history report Just to list a few...
  3. I

    Walkinshaw Exhaust

    Hey, im about to purchase a secondhand Walkinshaw exhaust. The system is similar to the picture linked below. http://www.powerhouseautorepairs.com.au/gallery_files/vlb_images1/1513816_404318076380954_1962859566_n.jpg The problem is the seller has no idea the specs of the system. I was under...
  4. J

    Vf ssv 6.0l re tune??

    Hi guys, currently own a vf ssv 6.0l that from new had a walkinshaw power pack upgrade which adds a CAI and 2.5 inch cat back exhaust with a Ecu tune. I'm looking to install the Walky/DPE headers for that more throaty noise that it would give the exhaust and am already delighted with how the...
  5. L

    W457 blew #5 piston

    Hi, I recently melted the L77 in my VF SSV, it has a walkinshaw 457 kit on it and #5 went lean, melted the piston, snapped a bit of the ring off and that was bouncing around in the chamber so the head is stuffed now too. I think I have about 3 options here: - best and most boring case I get...
  6. L

    Supercharged LS2 went BOOM

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a walkinshaw supercharged VF SSV redline ute. Really happy with the car however there is some bad news.... Took the car out for a run yesterday and on the way home gave it a bit of a long pull. Next thing I know, smoke spewing out the back (luckily I was close...
  7. HDTLS3 VF2 SS


    I put some photos up before of my VF2 SS Black Edition but now with the decals ita finished. And yes I know it needs to be lowered, that will happen soon. Just wanted to showcase my pride and joy for all you SS lovers outh there. Ive included a photo of one of the real vf hdt blue meanie as a...
  8. N

    My 2016 VF SS Black Edition

    Hi guys, its my first post here and just wanted to share my 2016 SS Black Edition. Its not completely done yet, ive still got the old school decals and a hdt badge to go on and my new number plate [HDTLS3] is on its way. Just wanted to hear some feedback to see if everyone else likes it as much...
  9. L

    Walkinshaw maintenance/servicing costs

    Hi everyone, A question to those who have owned Walkinshaw upgraded VFs, I am currently looking at a few VF1 Redlines that have had the 310 pack installed. I'm keen to get in there as at the moment, they're the ones in my price range (unless I can find a VFII SSV in the similar range soon...
  10. T

    Trai's Wrapped SV6, Wrapped satin pearl white (Pictures)

    Model: 2008 60th Anniversary SV6 ute Gearbox: 6 Speed manual Suspension: SSSL King springs all round (Rolled rear guards) Exhaust: 2.5' Walkinshaw catback system Intake: Orssom OTR w/ k&n panel filter Exterior: (Pictures at bottom :) ) Vinyl wrapped in avery dennison satin pearl white...
  11. WM Grange

    2007 WM Grange - Walkinshaw Performance

    About 8 months ago I sold my VX S-pac and upgraded to a V8 - 2007 WM Grange. Colour: Red Passion Current Modifications: Walkinshaw Performance OTR Cold Air Intake Walkinshaw Performance ECU Walkinshaw Performance Headers - Tuned Length 4 into 1 Headers Walkinshaw Performance 3" Catalytic...
  12. P

    [SA] Wanted VL Calais V8 - South Australia

    ITEM: Wanted VL Calais V8 LOCATION: SA - metro suburbs CONDITION: Very good to excellent condition PRICE: Negotiable based on individual vehicle specs and condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Back Cheque, Direct Deposit, Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Please...
  13. Jay's Redline

    Walkinshaw Exhaust on a VF SSV Redline

    hey guys, I recently bought a new VF SSV Redline Sedan. I was just wondering if any of you guys have gotten a Walkinshaw exhaust system installed on you rides. I just want to know if it is value for money, if it has any problems, and also how it sounds. I have looked up some videos...
  14. N

    My 550KW SS-V :)

    Upgrades Involve: 2.5 Inch Walkinshaw exhaust + 3Inch Extractors Walkinshaw Growler Kit Walkinshaw Supercharger + Incooler Walkinshaw Stage 2 Cam Upgrade Walkinshaw Heavy Duty Clutch Upgrade Walkinshaw Short Shifter Walkinshaw Lowering Springs Walkinshaw Suspension Upgrade 20 Inch DTM...
  15. W

    Attention molded walky bonnet owners!

    I've just bought myself a walkinshaw bonnet for my ss and plan on molding it into the bonnet just wondering though what about when it rains wouldn't it fill up? Ive heard people say they cut holes through the bonnet but I've been looking around for pictures but can't find anyone with a picture...
  16. salute the ute

    Walkinshaw air dam

    Hey has anyone installed or made their own air dam. For those who dont know what it is. It's basically a small scoop that is mounted to the front bar on the passanger side. The theory behind it is to force extra cold air up to the air box. For those who have installed it, has it improved much...
  17. J

    [ACT] VL walkinshaw group a ss model

    ITEM: VL Group A SS walkinshaw model LOCATION: act CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make a offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: delivery at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: bank deposit or cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email, [email protected] OTHER INFO: is in used condition and not in a...
  18. L

    VE indicator flutes on a VY?

    Does anybody know of a fabricator around the central coast (Gosford) that would be able to mould the VE GTS double fluted indicator onto my standard VY front quarter panel? or is there a company that makes aftermarket panels with the flute already fitted? ALSO on another note I'm thinking...
  19. low vs

    [QLD] Chasin sum vl walkinshaw wheels or simmons,swap for 16" chasers with cash diff

    Item:mag wheels location:brisbane south condition:used price: Delivery/pick up info: pick up payment options: cash on pick up contact details: pm other info:im chasin sum vl walky wheels or sum 16"simmions,i have sum 16"chasers from a ve commo that have been modifyd to fit...
  20. V

    Walkinshaw Cold Air Induction Kit Instructions and Inventory

    Just purchased a kit but did not come with inventory or instructions! Can anyone please help me out with one?
  21. A

    My modified ve sv6

    Little bit about this car, Phantom Black VE SV6 2006 Standard red and black trim 6 speed manual Plates: ACCA1 brought the car with: SSV rear tail lights, SSV wheels and factory lowered (lowest legal), Quad Exhaust tips. Recent mods: Walkinshaw Cold Air Intake Badges Removed x force stainless...