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  1. C

    Alternator warning on warm starts

    Hey guys, My MY09 VE Omega recently developed a strange issue. Almost every time I start it up warm, I get an Alternator Warning that disappears when I start driving. I checked the engineering mode the other day and noticed what actually happens: - charge level was 79% so all good, alternator...
  2. V

    Very Rough Running when cold - Mechanic and Auto electrician can't diagnose

    My VT Commodore runs very rough until warmed up. Once warmed up it performs perfectly, and will start and run smoothly for the rest of the day. The issue consistently (and only) presents itself after a long cool-down period i.e. overnight. Both the mechanic and the auto-mechanics I have...
  3. S

    VN Calais - Fuel Consumption on Trip Computer stopped working

    Hi All, VN Calais V6 on straight gas. Recently the Fuel Consumption on the Trip Computer stopped working. The "Fuel Used" does not increase in value and the "Average Fuel Consumption" doesn't change. All other functions on the trip computer are still working fine. Also (not sure if...