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  1. S

    Perma guard paint protection w/ lifetime warranty Y/N??

    Hi everyone, Took the opportunity to upgrade my 2014 VF Evoke sportwagon to a 2017 VF2 SV6 sportwagon in the current plate stock clearance. I went for the Nitrate (silver) colour over my normal white (it will be my 5th commodore wagon all were white) and I'm wondering whether to spend the $850...
  2. zappaboy

    7 year 175000km warranty on new holdens delivered

    According to the GM Media release Holden are now offering a 7 year 175000km warranty across the whole range from 2/10/17 till the end of the year. Hope this helps those members yet to receive their VF Models. What a p*ss off for me took delivery just a week ago...
  3. V

    Vf ssv redline upgrades

    Hi All First time poster and first time Holden Commodore Owner :) Got my hands on a 2014 (MY15) SSV Redline (4500km travelled) and so far very impressed.. a few minor niggling issues such as powering down with only accessories on, beeping constantly reversing (even when nothing there to...
  4. K

    Baby seats in VF Wagon

    Hi all, Does anyone have ideas on how best to mount the straps for baby seats over the rear seat "headrests"? Currently once you tighten the straps it squashes the cushion around the headrest and I fear that after a while it will damage the them. Could i just keep doing it and have them...
  5. J

    Ve series 2 iq problems (aftermarket sub installed)

    Hi everyone this is my first post I just bought an august built 2012 omega and thought it would be a good idea to get a sub put in. I went to an auto technician who wired the fusion inbuilt amp and sub and put it in (this was in his garage by the way), tried to turn it on, and the touch screen...
  6. V

    2006 WM statesman V6

    Hey guys i wasnt sure where do i as kthis but i thought ill try it here. I got a loan from Holden dealers in cranbourne and got a car from them, and that was like 3 months ago and my power steering pump broken so i booked in to have a look at it and that, and the guys said the pump is on a...
  7. C

    Ve ss mods that won't void warranty any help please

    Hey guys new member here I just brought 2011 series 2 ve ss and I want to know up upgrades and mods I can do and keep my warranty Thanks
  8. S

    Aftermarket Mods and Aftermarket Warranty

    Hi all, Long time troller, first time poster with a boring question. I have recently bought a used VE SSV ute with AWN Bronze Coverage Warranty included; the contract states that the warranty will not cover "vehicles modified beyond the manufacturer's specifications".. Say the oil pump blew...
  9. nazphu

    Mastercraft tires - mileage warranty?

    Anybody running Mastercraft Avenger Touring LSR tires on their commodores? I am interested in them because they guarantee a minimum of 60000km for their 245/45/18 tires. (Also noticed on the US website they guarantee the same tires for 50000 miles - 80467 km) This is more than I usually...
  10. 666damo

    Polite (but slow) in-warranty dealer repairs for an '08 Calais [Muirs, Ashfield NSW]

    Thought I'd post my ongoing expeience with a dealer here. I recently purchased a second-hand Calais which is still in the new car warranty. The nav screen, dependent on other factors explained later, will start rolling (like old CRT monitors) or change colours (i've seen it in magenta...
  11. K

    What should i do? Warranty issues!

    Hey guys The situation is, i got a vz exec off a dealership with 3 months warranty and it runs out 1st of next month. I have told my mechanic and a few other mates that the car is splurging at times and its really worrying me. I posted a thread about this labelled: oxygen sensor info. Because...
  12. 3

    [VIC] Car auctions

    I've been thinking about buying a VE Commodore from a car auction, because they seem to be cheaper than anywhere else. Has anybody had any experience with car auctions? I'm curious to know about RWC and warranty.