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water leak

  1. T

    Driver side water leak from air vent.

    Water is coming out of small air vent on driver side windscreen pillar when driving in the rain.
  2. Darkreviver0

    The good old water leak

    Hi all, 2009 VE omega, I have trawled through as many posts as I can possibly fathom in trying to find any ideas on where my car may be leaking water into the cabin. I have determined that one leak is from around the hvac unit in the firewall so I am sorting that out, but I also have a leak...
  3. L

    VT V6 (1999) Water loss

    I took my car to a workshop and the mechanic changed two hoses and ran a pressure test. He couldn't see any leak anymore but I still need to top up coolant about 200ml per week. This week I drove on to the ramps because I wanted to change oil and I found there was water leaking from a hole above...
  4. K

    Water leak

    There is water leaking from above the gearbox through the floor, when it overheated some water leaked into the passenger side floor near the auto gear stick, how do I fix it?
  5. M

    Vt commy leaking water front lower left

    I have a 2000 vt wagon it has been overheatingg lately and last night it started leaking heavilly from the front lower drivers side of the engine it doesnt seem to be a pipe or hose there is a bolt near where its leaking but hard to tell exactly where its coming from i took a video but dont...
  6. C

    help water leak after inlet gasket change pleaee

    hi i have a 2001 vx commodore v6 i just changed the inlet manifold gasket put gasket goo in all 4 corners done the manifold up tight holden didnt have any o rings for the water pipes and o rings still looked good popped them back in a hour later engine back together it purred like a dream then...
  7. A

    Boot Leak Vs commodore Sedan

    Hey just wondering if anyone can help me with my Vs commodore Sedan. When i open the boot water startes leaking from one of the holes just wondering if anyone know's how to redirect the water.
  8. andrews0604

    VX calais spare tyre well filling up with water?!?! helppp

    hey guys, i have a vx calais and as we all no there known for leaking water. i understand they get water trapped in the garnish, but mine is a little more severe then that, my hole spare tyre will fill up with water literally the water can be as high as the tyre if not drained, which seals or...
  9. Koeck

    Water leak in rear of cabin VZ SS ute

    Yesterday i bought a VZ SS ute and today while cleaning it i noticed that behind the drivers seat at the rear of the cabin, under the carpet was soaked, just wondering if this same thing has happened to anyone else, or if any one might know where its coming from. PLEASE HELP!! Cheers, Dean