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water pump issue

  1. F

    v6 cooling issue? help please!!

    hey guys need help with my ecotec A few weeks ago i was pulling into my driveway and my bottom radiator hose blew off so i replaced that and that solved that problem anyway, a few days later i was driving for about 10 -15 minutes when i noticed my temp gauge was quite high (3/4) so i pulled...
  2. I

    water pump change vs 5.0 ute

    hey guys I really need help with changing my water pump. any advice or help would be much appreciated. I have a vs series 3 5.0l ute and dont have the money to pay some one :lock:
  3. M

    water pump issue

    hey i checked out my engine today and noticed ontop of the water pump around the seal seems to be like coolant puddle slight little 1 and i had a look and my rocket cover and noticed coolant was sprayed there is this to due of fail water pump ive also had water leaks but mainy on n off if there...