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water pump

  1. E

    Vy LS1 Water pump feedback and what else should I change?

    How’s it going. Anyone used this https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-01781 Tora water pump in their LS1? Anything else I should be changing at the same time? Cheers in advance.
  2. Deetorious

    Vs 5ltr water pump problems

    I have myself a 1995 commodore vs ss 5ltr (Engines a VP v8) anways my issue is my fan belt is not lined up straight and it looks to be the water pump causing the issue, the guy I brought the car off was doing up a LH Torana. Im wondering if his mixed the two pumps up or have a got a dodgy after...
  3. D

    WH Statesman V6 - Water Pump?

    Hey forums! *NEVERMIND, CHECK POST UNDER THIS ONE, SORRY!* ..Been taking care of some long overdue problems on my WH Statesman v6 lately, since it was almost WELL over for its 150(or 160?) major service - Car had one owner with perfect mech books previous to me (owned for about 15months now)...
  4. C

    Vx2 overheating at idle

    My v6 vx2 started overheating a couple of months ago. Found a leak in the radiator so I replaced it. At the same time I flushed the block and heater hoses, and replaced the thermostat and gasket. Bled the system, it ran fine for a couple of weeks then started overheating at idle. Assuming it was...
  5. O

    Possibly a Water Pump issue VX

    Hi all, Looking to confirm - got home last night to find that the VX had a puddle of water dripping from under it. Not radiator or hoses. However, I saw that it was dripping from the front end underneath the serpentine belt off of the front end of the oil sump. Couldn't see any water...
  6. B

    LS3 water pump compatible with L98?

    Hi all, Need some advice. I was supplied with an LS3 water pump incorrectly. I only realised as I have gone to fit the top radiator hose. Everything else, bolts pulleys and belts fitted up fine. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if this water pump is still OK to run on the L98 engine. Can I...
  7. J

    commodore boiling over, not showing on temp gauge

    My Vt acclaim series 2 has recently just started boiling over on idle I'm pretty sure. It dumps a **** load of coolent onto the ground and steam comes up through the reservoir, Any advice for this ?? Cheers
  8. S

    VT cooling issues

    Hey guys, I own a 2000 manual VT S-pack v6 that keeps driving me up the wall with a recent overheating issue, it has been a great car up until now. The temp gauge will get to its normal temperature and then shoot up to the max for about a minute and then go back down again. The car runs fine...
  9. VTL67Calais

    Cooling change aliminiump pipe through drive tensioner disconnected l67 help

    Hi new to joining but read and thanks for all the help with your posts! I have a Calais l67 1998 just over 200000 k and changed water pump both tensioner s and the pipe running through the drive belt Tensioner with t He washer in it had come of on my test drive after bleeding and filling the...
  10. M

    Loose water pump pulley alloytec

    Hey just noticed a slight belt squeal noise at idle so investigated further and noticed about 5mm of play in the water pump pulley. The pulley bolts appear tight so does this mean the pumps about to go? No coolant leaks yet!
  11. B

    Over Heating Question

    Hi All, I have a 2004 VY Exec Series II, which has been a reliable car for the last few years. I recently took it up to the sunshine coast from Brisbane to Melany (about 80/90 klms), with no dramas. Temp usually sits a bit under half on the gauge (pretty standard?). Anyway on the drive up...
  12. juiceie vh sle

    [General] How to - convert timing cover/water pump bolts to metric. 304, 253, 308

    Ok so after trying to order new bolts from holdens for my timing cover and water pump i found out that they can't supply a full set and what they could supply was something silly like $160 for only half the bolts. So i got one of those hotblitz sets and found out there not worth the steel there...
  13. pau13z

    VZ Alloytec 3.6L Water Pump/Cooling System Flush

    Hi all, I know this has been covered a bit before but I have a couple of questions that I think are valid... I've seen the workshop manual on how to change the water pump, but there are 2 things that I need to know. 1 - When changing the water pump do you need to first drain the cooling...
  14. G

    Noob with some questions

    My engine is out of my v6 VS at the moment so I thought I may as well do some work to it. Where can I get some good cheap roller rockers and a new water pump? And is there anything else I should be doing while the engine is out? Cheers guys and sorry If this is in the wrong section, I'm new.
  15. W

    Replacing a VP water pump

    Hi All I have finally worked out where my water leak was coming from - only leaked when the motor was running and even then only slowly. Water was evident on the ground under the car but appeared to be coming from any and everywhere... Have now worked out it is the water pump and the...
  16. Morton

    Changing water pump VN/VP/VR

    ----------------------------------------------------- NOTE 1: For heaven's sakes, I'm not a qualified mechanic - so assume that everything I'm about to tell you is bollocks. I have NO idea what I just did today, and I honestly have no idea whether it worked. For now, I'll just assume that the...