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  1. R

    Water pump leak

    Hi all. My car is leaking coolant which seems to be coming from the back of the water pump. Is there a seal back there that needs replacing? If so how to get to it. Any advice will be appreciated
  2. Lawrence Carlei

    VZ Commodore Interior Leaking Water

    Hello Commodorians, I am currently having issues with my Commodore, a few months ago I had a water leak in the passenger's side footwell. wasnt too bad, so I cleaned it up and replaced my windshield. Last weekend I was washing my car and I had about a 50mm Water Puddle in my passengers side...
  3. Burning rubber

    VX Equipe water in oil

    Hi all I have just bought a VX S Pack Holden By Design with presume totaled motor. Thing is infact its fine just water in the oil, it was thought to be a head gasket but how would water get in the oil if it was a head gasket? Is it more likey to be a manifold gasket? And is there a way to check...
  4. B

    Water pump torque bolt settings

    Anyone know what torque value the 6, 10mm water pump bolts should be on the water pump of an L98? Should I use loctite?
  5. danielnitschke

    VX Water Leaking into Drivers Footwell!

    Hello All! What a wet end to the week. Go to get in today, low and behold the floor is soaked. With a grimace I get in, twist my head and see that all the wiring, BCM etc whatever else is under there is also soaked and dripping. The car still starts and works fine but whew it's stressing me...
  6. R

    Vs ecotec, losing water and oil but not visibly leaking

    I got a vs ecotec, ive replaced the radiator, top and bottom hoses, thermostat, radiator cap, and water pump. But the overflow tank keeps losing water and isnt visibly leaking. I topped the oil up and went for a drive and checked it again and it was about a half inch below full. Drove the...
  7. L

    VR may have died - any idea what it could be?

    Ok, I was driving along and I kinda heard/felt a 'thump' and then it literally rolled to a stop - hasn't fired since. It turns over ok, no nasty noises, just won't start. A bit of history: this is an 'old' VR - the clock stopped at about 285ks about 4 years ago... i did a computer fault...
  8. Auzziephoenix

    VZ Calais, Dampish under carpet

    Hey guys, Recently i bought a new vz calais, as did my dad. His one as nearly soaking wet under the back carpet, and mine we noticed yesterday was a bit damp. I've searched around and found some ideas, but none really were the cause (air con, leaking doors). Aa far as we could see...
  9. miss_2002_VX


    ok so yesterday i had not drivin my car at all went out to my car yesterday as i was about to go out and realised water was leaking from the bottem now i am going to change the gasket but i dont know where it is coz its diff to fords (obviesly ) so if someone could help me it would be much help...
  10. D

    Wet footwells... Ideas?

    Hi, I noticed a week ago the rear left footwell was wet when I left a newspaper on the floor overnight, grabbed it out in the morning and it was damp right through. My car is a VT series 2 SS, with the 5.7 ltr, (it also has a sunroof which I have recently cleared its blocked drain holes, no...
  11. C

    Leaking boot

    I have noticed whenever I open my boot, water drips out and sinks into the back. My spare has become all rusted and useless. Would this be an issue with seals in the boot? *also my car has started to overheat often. What would potential causes of this be? Any assistance is appreciated.
  12. I

    Water leak

    I have just started getting cold or room temperature water leaking onto my left foot when I go round a left hand bend. It is distracting at the wrong moment and of course dangerous. Although I have a dickie back I have tried pulling the centre dash console out to see where it is coming from to...
  13. D

    very strange cooling problem....

    i have a supercharged VT and today i noticed as i got home a pretty solid stream of water comin from the front passengers side so naturally i thought i had a leak but i looked at the temp guage and all was normal even used the dash functions to bring up the digital temp and it got to about 105...
  14. VK SL 3800

    Vk Cooling Issue

    My 202 with the est is having a lot of trouble holding a consistent temperature, during the winter months its fine and always holds the exact same spot on the gauge not matter how you drive. But now that its summer it can usually hold the same temp around town without the AC going but with it on...
  15. U

    Help! Water flowing out of front and foot vents.

    My 1999 VT Commodore is leaking roughy half a litre of water out of the floor vents and front dashboard vents. This began as small amounts out of the foot vents but has escalated quickly. It is not an issue with any liquid from the car itself as it only occurs when it rains. So far we have...
  16. S

    Water dripping onto accererator

    I have a 92 VP wagon executive After it has rained water must be being blocked somewhere and causing water to drip inside on to accelerator pedal/foot (from behind firewall? then under dash). It mainly happens when turning which causes the water to flow in. I heard it was most likely a...