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  1. H

    [VIC] Wedding car

    Our wedding is in March 2013. Need a V8 commodore as the HSV we were using has stuffed the gearbox (plus loss of license, so not fixing anytime soon) and backup has been crashed into. Will be using our VS SS with VT V8 engine, roll cage sway bar, blaa blaa and a VE SS, Lowered, exhaust. Willing...
  2. T

    VX Supercar Replica for Wedding

    Hi All, I'm looking for someone in Sydney that may have a VX supercar replica with a normal interior to use in a wedding next year. Any information would be appreciated. My friends are motorsport volunteers and this would be something awsome for them to experience.
  3. vt_king

    Wanted GTS for Wedding Car

    Hey Guys I'm looking for an E-Sereis GTS for my wedding in September this year (2009) in Melbourne. I would prefer it chauffeur driven if possible from Carrum Downs to Olinda then stay for an hour or so for photos and that's it. Willing to pay cash $$$, Contact Danny at [email protected]