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weird noises

  1. executer

    L77 Rattle. Just noise to live with or an issue?

    I have a vf ssv L77 with small superstock cam from gm motorsports, extractors, high flow cats, 2.5 xforce cat back and Ramjet cai. Mafless tuned. Car is tuned to 313kw at the treads, 6sp auto. Car runs fine and has been for ages however the last 2 years there's this sound that pisses me off...
  2. trav27

    [NSW] Weird sound that no one has been able to figure out yet.

    Hi guys, I have a question here that doesn't involve a commodore, but it's stumped us and the couple of mechanics we have taken it too. My mother has a 98 Toyota Starlet. And as of late there is a quite noticeable loud whining noise once the car is about over 20kms. It sounds like somethings...

    Steering wheel making a weird noise

    Alrighty, I was driving my car last night through my estate and realised that at lower speeds when i turn the steering wheel it started making weird noises. A bit like when you turn the wheel from full turn one way to full turn the next but it is also now when I moved it casually left and right...