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western australia

  1. N

    WH Statesman needs a respray.

    hey boys and girls The cosmetic side to my statesman is pretty poor, and im looking to give her a fresh look. Looking for a complete respray on the outside I'm asking the help of you guys to point me in the right direction of a well represented qualified painter or workshop that specializes...
  2. N

    WH Statesman respray?

    Hey guys, im looking for a good reliable workshop to respray my wh statesman over here in perth. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? Cheers Jack.
  3. capsey7

    [Ecotec] Transmission recondition, WA Perth

    Hey guys, Wondering where the best place is to get my 4L60e transmission reconditioned (for my 2001 V6 VU), I have heard dimoff is good. What sort of price should I expect to have it reconditioned. Considering having a corvette servo installed and possibly a stage 2 shift kit. Open to any other...
  4. S

    VX Clubsport R8 My new baby

    Specs: VX Clubsport R8 V8 5.7L 116, 0XXkms Auto Storm Blue Current Mods: Pure Stock Ambitions: Exterior -LEDs under glow (green, to match interior glow lights (also green)) -fix front right fender (seems loose, maybe a broken clip/pin) -Respray (some of the paint has been warn and...