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  1. newvsowner

    Wet Feet

    hello everyone, I have a strange one. Whenever I go through a brushless automatic carwash, i get a small trickle of water at my feet on the driver's side. Only in the automatic carwash, never in the rain, or during a manual wash. Does anyone have any ideas where this may be sneaking in...
  2. Auzziephoenix

    VZ Calais, Dampish under carpet

    Hey guys, Recently i bought a new vz calais, as did my dad. His one as nearly soaking wet under the back carpet, and mine we noticed yesterday was a bit damp. I've searched around and found some ideas, but none really were the cause (air con, leaking doors). Aa far as we could see...
  3. D

    Wet footwells... Ideas?

    Hi, I noticed a week ago the rear left footwell was wet when I left a newspaper on the floor overnight, grabbed it out in the morning and it was damp right through. My car is a VT series 2 SS, with the 5.7 ltr, (it also has a sunroof which I have recently cleared its blocked drain holes, no...