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wh stato

  1. moocow

    VS shift kit into wh statesman?

    Hey guys, So I'm buying a wh supercharged statesman this weekend and, while I would love to do a manual conversion, I think I would probably run into too much trouble. So my question is, I have a 4L60E from a vs commodore with a stage 2 shift kit that I installed myself, will I be able to...
  2. C

    Help with springs

    Do wh statesman take same springs as a commy or are they different been told different things does any know??
  3. jess_85

    WH electrical problem???

    Hi everyone, umm... ok where to start,i'll just start from scratch..... Well, i just got a 5.7 WH Statesman which i took to the mechanics to get a roady, i told them that i think the fan relay needs to be replaced coz sum times wen u turn the car off the fan would stay on, so they replaced...