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what to get?

  1. M

    LED dash conversion need help

    Hey guys, Iv recently bought a 2000 vt wagon, and wanna do some nice interior mods on it. The thing I need help with is that I'd like to put LEDs in my dash and cluster as some of the bulbs have blown. I don't know where I can buy LEDs that fit, or what to ask for if I go to auto barn. If...
  2. S

    Some q's about my VY v6 in vs

    Hi all, I've recently added VY v6 and 2 1/2 exhaust cat back to my vs and I'm wondering, if i get VY extractors am I going to run into problems fitting? Also, with tuning after putting extractors on, I've read there are A few different types of tuning? How do they differ? There's a few things...

    VS exhaust help please

    Hey guys, I'll be getting an exhaust in a few weeks and I don't know much about exhausts and I wanted some help with finding one that'll do what I want. I know 'redback' and 'lukey' exhausts are the pick, but I want to phone up a shop and tell them 'exactly' what I'm looking for so I know I...
  4. Ando227

    Exhausts?? What to get?

    So, I'm looking at getting a brand new exhaust to replace my shitty old standard one on my V6 Vn Calais... Now I dont want something REALLY LOUD.. but not quiet either, something that will turn heads and still make an amazing tune. I've had a quick talk to the local Rev 'eds and the best...