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wheel alignments

  1. danielnitschke

    Steering Wheel Shudder while cruising @ 80k

    Hi All, 2003 WK Statesman LS1 I get a frustrating wheel shudder which starts to occur at around 70-80k's. As soon as you go over this (say 100), the shudder disappears. Happens while cruising, with throttle and also while braking (but slightly less). Has been like the entire time I've had...
  2. T

    2014 VF SV6, electric steering and wheel alignments

    Hi everyone, just here for a bit of insight and information. Took my car to Holden to check the steering as it is feeling very heavy and just feels “off”, and I’m hearing an audible almost creaking (from behind the dash) sound coming from the steering wheel when turning. They told me I need to...
  3. nugatory

    Power Steering Noise Question

    Bad Mechanic Experience & Power Steering Noise First some deep insight: Ok I've had my car for just over 3 years now, and because my car is lowered I hit a driveway / combo gutter head on and it broke my sump dropping all my oil. I stopped driving it at this point.... The car sat around...