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wheel width

  1. S

    VZ rims!!!

    Hi guys, im new to this site since i recently purchased a 2006 sv6 vz. It came with genuine cv8 monaro 18" rims, 235/40R18's all around. But for me thats just not big enough :P My mate has a VE ss ute with 245/30R20's on the front and 275/30R20's on the back. They are the new Holden pentagon...
  2. I

    What is the widest wheel size that I can fit into My VZ

    My Question is what is the widest wheel size I could fit in my VZ SS? Front & Rear... I remember that Pontiac GTO had a factory defect because it was equipped with extra wide wheels that caused tires to by ripped apart :unsure: So I'm trying to be extra cautious here. :thumbsup: Thanks in...