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  1. O

    Wheel size differences

    Hey i have recently switched from a 4x4 to a VT and i just wanna know what the actual difference is between the 17" / 18 / 19 / 20 rims And whats the best brands for rims and tyres
  2. VRtoVStoVX

    Hi, first post. I'm trying to identify a wheel.

    First off, I've had Google send me here plenty of times for all kinds of questions relating to my cars and I've always found an easy to follow text or video guide showing someone who's not too great with cars like me exactly what I needed to do to fix the problem I was having. Just searching...
  3. J

    Front end clunking noises.

    So it started around 2-3 months ago when I had come back from work and started driving my car out of the car park. Upon going over a speed bump in the carpark I could hear this clunking noise emitting from the front left wheel arch. For the entirety of the drive home, any mediocre bump would...
  4. K

    Vertini dynasty 20” fitment

    Would 20” and 10”wide vertini dynasty rims with 255/35R20 fit on a ve sv6 Ute? What size hub centric rings would you have to use so the center bore of the wheel matches the hub of a ve? And what would be a good offset for the wheel?
  5. A

    '07 Calais Front Wheel Noise

    Hi everyone, A couple of days ago I bought my first Commodore, a 2007 Calais 3.6 with 116,000 on the clock and I'm pretty stoked with it! Drives beautifully and is such a smooth and powerful beast compared to the '03 Astra 1.8 it replaced. But I've noticed with the Calais a strange noise...
  6. saif abushanab

    Commodore SS 2002 5.7 ls1 ownersmanual

    I want the ownersmanual of my car (pdf version), If you dont have: Radiator capacity Red or green fluid Steering fluid type Engine oil type Does it have cabin air filter?, and where is it?
  7. dashdown98

    VS Ute Right Rear Wheel Squeak

    Hi guys, I had the rear brake pads changed in the VS V6 ute and around 3 weeks later the right rear started to squeak (hard to explain, more like a squeak and tap and rattle all in one) no matter what the speed. It goes away when braking and turning right. It's starting to do my head in and I...
  8. I

    My wheels are stuck!

    Hi guys, You'd think this would be easy but I can't take my wheels off! I've taken off all the nuts and the front wheels won't budge. It's like it's fused or stuck to the hub. I've tried knocking the wheel with a mallet, kicking it but it just won't budge. Anyone on the forum have any tips or...
  9. Schorno

    Wide wheels on VY SS?

    Hey there guys, I'm wanting to run an 8.5" wide wheel on the front with a 245/35/19, and a 9" wide with a 265/30/19 on the rear. The car has brand new short shocks with super lows in it, ALL bushes replaced with nolathane and a camber kit. Just wondering if anyone has done it? How much...
  10. E

    [General] How to paint rusted wheel hubs

    Hi Guys In light of a recent post and request for info on this.. I thought i would share my method of fixing ( painting ) rusted wheel hubs. The unfortunate thing is that this happens to lots of cars even within a few years of owning a brand new car this can happen. It is a pain in the butt if...
  11. X

    VY Steering wheel in a VS

    Hi Guys, A while ago I saw a VS with a VY, VZ or even a VE steering wheel in it. I bought a VY steering wheel and headed down to the mechanics. They had a go at putting it on but had to call up both Bursons and Holden to figure out why it wouldn't go on. They both said its not possible...
  12. A

    Grinding sound rear left

    Hi Guys, im new here and also to Holdens, I used to be a Toyota driver. I have a question, i had all my rotors machined and 120k service by a holden dealer, now i have this grinding sound from rear left wheel, noticeable when going slow and driving past parked cars or a wall. Took it back and...
  13. Jaffa

    Steering wheel removal etc

    I own a 1995 VS V6 Executive and I want to customise and personalise it. I am currently having trouble with the steering wheel and have a few questions concerning this. 1. How do you remove the steering wheel? 2. What is the bolt pattern of the factory steering wheel? The steering wheel I...
  14. C

    what is the 16 inch alloy offset

    what is the vx commodore s stock 16 inch alloy offset does anyone know?
  15. Frenzal

    Hilux wheel nuts compatible with VR commodore?

    So firstly I'd like to apologize if this is a stupid question as I really have minimal knowledge on this topic. Anyway, I'm getting sick of the ugly lock nuts on my VR. I don't have any spare regular wheel nuts but my old man has at least two full spare sets of Hilux wheelnuts (2003 model SR5)...
  16. adam sv6

    Wheel torque settings

    Hey quick question, what are the front wheel bolts of sv6 torqued to?
  17. Z

    VY Steering Wheel Audio Control issues

    Hi, is it common for the steering wheel audio controls to play up on VY's? Replaced them couple of years ago... volume up button broke...replaced them again today and now neither volume buttons work at all.....?
  18. tHe_sTiG

    Steering wheel off-center?

    My steering wheel had always been very very slightly off-center to the left. Car never pulls to any side, its just off-center when travelling straight. 6 months ago, I got new tyres and the moment I drove out of the place I noticed my steering wheel was more off-center than before. I never took...
  19. P

    Steering rack sounds like its full of dirt. Pics

    Hey guys, So I've had a steering issue for some time now, no-one seems to be able to tell me what it is. Quick rundown: - Steering wheel is like 1 - 2 inches to the left. - Speed wobbles 80 - 90 km/h+ (Strange though, some days it worse than others) - New KYB shocks/struts with whiteline...
  20. H

    overtightened wheel nuts by using rattle guns

    ok guys and girls Whenever you go to get anything done at a tire shop please check your wheel nuts cause it maybe overtightened (well most of the time they are overtightened). So it's a good practice to check your wheel nuts every time you go to the tire shop it will save you time and money. A...
  21. V

    Steering Wheel Stereo Controls

    Hey this topic has been discussed a lot and I've read most of the threads. I've heard its possible to get the steering wheel controls working on those Chinese stereo's that do support it. One guy who said to message him for assistance isn't active on these forums anymore has claimed to get...
  22. simoj

    front left wheen issue

    hi guys, i seem to have some play from left to right in my front left wheel. my front right seems okay. i have recently had all the bushes replace in the front z bars but it hasnt fixed it. i checked all the wheel nuts aswell and none of them are loose. what could my issue be? any help would be...
  23. B

    [NSW] WTB: VZ Chrome wheel nut covers/caps

    M: A set (20) of chrome wheel nut covers/caps to suit a VZ. LOCATION: NSW, Riverina (But fishing for AUS Wide) CONDITION: New (pref) but can be used in good condition PRICE: $70 for the set + post DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay freight PAYMENT OPTIONS: PayPal, Direct...
  24. T

    VZ SS Steering Wheel into VU SS

    Does anyone know if it is just a straight swap to put a VY/VZ steering wheel into a VU? Thanks
  25. B

    Horn not working

    basically got to change back to original steering wheel for a roadworthy, non airbag and the horn wont work, works fine with the bosskit, but im confused how to get it to work on the old steeringwheel. theres only one wire from the horn buttons that connects into the little square, where do i...
  26. speed__demond

    vr rear clicking noise when turning??

    i have a vrII wagon and when i turn right and somtimes left i can hear a clicking noise coming from the rear left wheel... what is it?
  27. S

    VT Front wheels sitting too far forward.

    Hi all. I have a 2000 Olympic Edition VT. But my front wheels sit too close to the front of the bumper and it rubs against the guard as i turn corners. It has burnt away all the guard and is now starting to eat into the winscreen liqiuid resevoir. Any idea what could be causing this?
  28. N

    Rim Repair - VZ Clubsport (sout east melbourne)

    hey guys, previous owner of my hsv vz clubsport stuffed one of the rims real bad. no cracks, just a light scuff the whole way around the rim [email protected] anyone know of a good place in melbourne ( south east ) to get a rim repair ? **got a quote today from some place near dandy & quoted $250...
  29. Paul_grima

    Tie rod - Steering Wheel Slack QUESTION

    Hi everyone, Today i changed my Tie rod end rubbers/boots in my VN, and after doing that i have noticed there is heaps of slack in the steeing wheel. for example when i turn the steering wheel about a quater to the right then it starts to turn the wheels right and same with the left side...
  30. A

    [VIC] Xbox 360 Wheel / VX Front+Rear Bumpers / VT VX Level 3 Cluster + More

    Request pictures and i will put them up ITEM: Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Racing Wheel and Project Gotham Racing 3. SOLD LOCATION: vic CONDITION: Used PRICE: 220 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will deliver at your expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Bank Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: PM or sms 0416...
  31. M

    steering coloumn movin what tha hell !

    hay holden fans i got another doosy for yas,my vr series 2 horn was not working , so i lent on it an pushed it in hard an i noticed that the steering wheel slightly pushed back in where the coloumn sits only by a mill or two an under the right amount of pressure but i thought they were stiff as...
  32. V

    Steering Wheel Buttons

    Hey guys, my steering wheel button has fallen off and i dont know how to put it back on. Could you guys show me how to put it back on, or better yet take both button consoles off the steering wheel as they no longer work with my new head unit. cheers guys
  33. V

    Steering Wheel Button

    Hey guys, one of my steering wheel buttons has come off (the down arrow) and i have no clue how to put it back on :bang: any help would be appreciated. thanks
  34. dah_man_ben

    Steering Wheel Vibration

    Hi. Just wanted to know if anybody knew what was going on with my VYII Berlina... Whenever I go over bumps in the road (ie. Dips, Potholes etc), the steering wheel gets a lot of vibration feedback and if you don't hold it, you can actually see it vibrate by itself. The whole column seems to...
  35. markc3012

    [QLD] Hsv vy maloo/clubsport 18x8 shadow chrome rim

    ITEM: Genuine HSV VY Maloo Rim, Dark Shadow Chrome Colour Finish is Pitted & Scratched (see Photos) 1 x rim only HSV GMH Part Number 10B-020601 LOCATION: Gold Coast QLD CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or postage can be arranged. Approx...
  36. C

    Accelerating while turning, VS commodore problem

    While turning at a fair speed, say 40kph ish (and keeping speed by accelerating a touch), there is a wierd grinding/clicky sound coming from either wheel depending on what way you are turning. So you turn left and the noise comes from the right wheel arch, turn right the noise comes from the...