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wheels tyres

  1. B

    brakes dont work properly after putting 20 inch rims on

    hey there guys, i just put 20x9 inch rims on my 2006 vz ute, but for some reason the antilock on the brakes engage really easily and leaves me without brakes, ive taken the rims off now but dose anyone know why they would be doing it? i had one guy tell me its because the rims are too wide and...
  2. D

    [QLD] Factory Rims, Tyres and hubcaps (4x)

    ITEM: Factory Rims, Tyres and Wheels covers LOCATION: QLD, Gold Coast CONDITION: Used, GOod Condition (85%) PRICE: As low as $80, via Ebay Auction DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup preferred PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash or BD CONTACT DETAILS: 0432 883 933 OTHER INFO: From a VZ...