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  1. J

    Legal wheel size for Holden wm/ve

    Hi just wanting to get some information on this topic. so I’m about to buy vertini dynasty 20” wheels with 8.5 fronts and 10” rears, I just needed to know if anyone can give me some info on if they would be legal. I have a stock ride hight and am just looking to get a bit better look than stock...
  2. A

    20x10 all round, no rolling and stock height

    Hi all. First time posting here. I brought my first ever commodore two weeks before we went into stage 1 lockdown in Vic lol! A stock 2014 VF SS. I have been able to drive around during lockdown because, of work which is great! So I've gone through the forums looking for this info. But I just...
  3. B

    On the search for these wheels

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a little assistance on finding these exact rim design, I can tell from the look of them that it tried matching the design of the VE GTS rims but its a bit different and that's what I like about them. Any ideas where to find them in Melbourne?
  4. Y

    VF SSV 2 Redline Wheels fit a VZ Calais?

    Hi Guys, was just wondering to know if anyone else has put on a set of VF SSV Redline Series 2 19 inch rims on a VZ Commodore/calais before? I know what I have to do in order to make them fit but just EOI if anyone else has done it? Cheers
  5. K

    What wheels are these?

  6. M

    Vn factory wheels

    Hi all, is there a way to find out what wheels came on the car from factory, not the size but the type, did all of each model come with specific mags or were they optioned? We have a vn s and trying to find out the exact mags that it came with, it currently has vl calais wheels. I know that...
  7. Brayden3223

    Ve wheels on VZ

    Hey guys quick question, I just got Ve wheels for my car and I understand I need the centre hub machined to fit my vz. I’m just wondering if anybody knew any places around the south east Melbourne area that does it and rough cost on prices? Or if any of you guys have any good tips for doing it...
  8. J

    18 inch rims on VE SSV

    Hi, I recently bought an ssv and am wanting to get new wheels. Currently sitting on 20's but want to go 18s. Anyone else running 18's? And what width and offset would fill the guards best? I'm thinking something like 18x10 +40 offset should fit but anyone know for sure? Also, the car is lowered...
  9. B

    VF Series 2 SSV Redline Wheel / Tyre combo fit

    Hey guys I'm after some advice or knowledge if anyone has done it before. Is it possible to put a 245/45/19 tyre on the standard 19" 8.5" with factory offset of +48 with out it hitting on the strut or inside of the wheel well? The total circumference changes by 77mm and the side wall height...
  10. Vonix

    Vz calais rims

    So i know this topic has a few threads already, but i couldn't seem to find anything regarding white vz calais? the attached photo is a white vz with the stock rims, what rims would best suit (Looking for larger rims otherwise i would of restored the stock ones), would 19" ssv look nice? Photos...
  11. holdencallous

    How to clean statesman international rims?

    Hey guys, I just picked up a set of Calais international rims for ridiculously cheap, and being cheap they’re a bit how ya going. They’re covered in road grime and brake dust on the back side and the fronts are filth. Was wondering what I should use to clean them semi easily as i don’t want to...
  12. A

    VF wheel fittings

    Hey guys, I was looking at buying a new set of wheels for my VF S1. However I noticed that the centre bore for the aftermarket wheel is 69.6 and has an offset of +42. I'm pretty sure I can remember that the centre bore on a vf is 66.9? Will these rims still fit even with hub centric rings, or...
  13. Mattricho

    Legal wheel spacers?

    Hi all as the title says is there a LEGAL way to add wheel spaces? I have some 6-4 pot brembo’s to fit on my 15 SSV but unfortunately the standard wheels touch the back of the spokes to the face of the caliper. I have picked a new set of wheels that I want but if there is any legal way to...
  14. anf355

    Late model interceptors on Early Commodores

    Hi there, Fresh on the forums, been out of the car scene for a while. This might seem like a ridiculous question. So im looking at purchasing a set of stock interceptor wheels with tyres, ive noticed a lot of VT-VZ wheels, will I have any offset issues fitting later model wheels of this era...

    Restore VY SS Alloy Rims to Original

    Hi, I am restoring my alloy rims back to original (Without Painting) and wondering if anyone can suggest a technique to make rim look original after sanding fine scratches. I am looking for the satin alloy colour.
  16. RiffRaffMama

    Wheel rims for roadworthy

    I’m taking my car in tomorrow to have the roadworthy signed off but one thing they told me I had to do was get one new front tyre. The easiest way for me to go about this is to switch both my front wheels out for a set I’ve got here off a different VX, but they’re stock rims and I currently have...
  17. ThatSlammedVE

    Are these "Genuine Holden" wheels?

    Hey there, New member and first time poster so hopefully I've done this correctly... I was looking at purchasing some wheels for my partners first car and I came across a set of 4 plus a matching spare for sale that were listed as "Genuine Holden Wheels" ... Supposedly they were " Factory...
  18. Mattricho

    To deep dish or not to deep dish that is the question?

    Hi all looking at getting some vossen VWS-2 wheels. So what’s everyone’s thoughts? The wheels are going to be 20x9 front (no dish bottom picture) And the rears are going to be 20x10 (deep dish top picture) I know this is going to be subjective because some people like deep dish wheels and...
  19. MOE_SS

    19 inch wheels, big brakes, offset and tyre size

    hi all, I am looking at getting some wheels for my SSV Wagon. I have some 4pot brembos front and back off a series two that I am going to put on and I really don't want a 35series profile tyre so I was thinking of getting some 19 inch wheels instead of 20s. Either something in the Koya range...
  20. B

    Dynamic D Hole Steel Wheels

    I GOT NEW WHEELS. For all those wondering about the D Hole steels wheels from Tarzia Tyre Centre. Series 2 VT with coilovers. Was deciding between the BCI black interceptor stock look and the D Hole drift look. Both have their pros and cons. BCI interceptors come in 7”, 8” and 9” width and...
  21. S

    Wheel Sizes for my 2002 VU II s pack simmons

    Hi there, i've been driving around with crappy ssw 19'' 8.5 wheels on my vu ute s for a couple months now and i'm looking for an upgrade, i've been looking into satin black simmons fr19 wheels on ebay (new) 19'' with 8.5 front and 9.5 back. I'm unsure if they will fit. what tires and offset...
  22. J

    Legal lowest I can go on front S3 vs ute

    Hey guys I've just been given a set of lenso d1's 18 inch from my brother I'm wanting to put them on my Ute but don't know how low I can go without them scrubbing my guards they are 235/40. I'm ok with guards being pumped/rolled and will Get spacers if needed. Any help would be great cheers.
  23. J

    BMW X5 rims on a VZ

    Will BMW X5 wheels fit straight onto my vz wagon with low profile tyres on them or will there be issues with hub size becuase I know the stud pattern is the same
  24. darrenvp23

    14" stock executive rims

    hey guys I was wondering if anyone has tryed something simular to whats pictured with the stock 14s that come on the executive ?
  25. P

    RIM Questions

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been brought up b4, but I can't find it in the records. I've got a VN Calais which in about a week is getting dropped with king super lows and Monroe gt's. I'm also online shopping for wheels to suit the freshly dropped Calais. Question is: the mags I'm looking at are...
  26. A

    Value of VK HDT Momo Star wheels

    Hi guys, I've got a set of 16 x 7 HDT Momo Star wheels on an old VK sitting in the shed and I'm just wondering what they might be worth. The rims could do with a bit of a tidy up but they're in otherwise good condition. Any suggestions? Cheers
  27. Miickyy

    Pleaseeeee help, clunking noise.

    Hey guys I'm seriously on the verge of either selling my piece of sh**t Vx ss or putting a brick through it... The **** box recently developed a wierd clicking/clunking sound from rear right wheel which is annoying coz it goes and comes when it feels like it. I've replaced diffs and I've...
  28. T

    White VF Ute - Black Wheels?

    Gday everyone, Just got my new 2014 VF Ute (White). Image attached. Pretty happy with it all but was thinking about changing the wheels, to something black. Currently fitted with Series 2 VE set which are in great condition. I was looking into the whole powder coat option (as it is...
  29. C

    [SA] Wanted: HSV VY GTS 19" single wheel

    IITEM DESCRIPTION: Looking for one (1) HSV VY GTS 19" wheel in shadow chrome. LOCATION: I'm in SA, Adelaide metro. CONDITION: Will consider any original condition so long as its genuine and structurally sound (no cracks). DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up, can pay for postage...
  30. J

    Is this okay ... Or wheel spacers ?

    Below iv attached a picture of how my 19x8 enix hornets are sitting on my vt at the front. This is scaring me a little any advice ? There running 245/35/19 tyres
  31. L

    17 inch wheels for VE CalaisV 2010

    Any advice tips or knowledge would be choice. I bought on gumtree 16inch wheels from an Omega VE which the seller reassured me would fit my car. So under the impression it would be sweet on my MY10 VE CalaisV I brought them home and tried to fit them on that evening only to stupidly find out...
  32. danielnitschke

    VX - Holden Center Wheel Caps

    Hey Team! There were a few similar threads but nothing of exact nature. I've currently got ROH 235/45 17's on my VX Commodore, as pictured below. They've just got the boring ROH center caps on them at the moment. I reckon it would look much nicer with the Holden Logo in there. I've been...
  33. A

    Question: VF Sv6 wheel fitment

    Hi this is my first time posting, not sure whether or not this is the right section, anyway; I currently have an SV6 Ute with the stock 18" wheels pictured below. My question was whether or not i could fit some 19" SSV wheels (see picture) onto the car? Would there be any issues fitting these...
  34. W

    VX/VU Rims - Suggestions

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on a set of new rims for my car. I have a black 2001 VU S Ute and I want some new rims just to make it look a bit sweeter. It's currently sitting on some 18" rims that the previous owner put on, but I personally don't like them...
  35. M

    [NSW] Wtd: Ve hsv supersport 20 inch wheels.

  36. T

    need help vn calais wheel question

    hey guys im wanting to know if I can fit 19 inch alloys with 245/45 tyres rims are 8.5 wide will they fit without spacers?
  37. S

    VE 16" stockies on VX - what is needed?

    Hey guys, just wondering what exactly needs to be done to get the VE 16" stockies on the VX. i hear they need to be machined or something...Also another few questions - Anyone know anyone in perth that can do this? - Cost? - is it safe to do this? the last thing i want is to come off the...
  38. S

    Suspension / wheel upgrade options help

    Hey guys new to the commodore scene here an need a bit of help in regards to the options of upgrading the shocks and springs on the VX berlina. Its dead stock and I'm wanting to run the following setup: Running on 15" stockies all round with a firm yet comfortable ride as low as i can without...
  39. V

    VS Ute Wheel Size

    Hey guy's. i have recently bought my brother's ute off of him and would like to keep the wheel's it has.. it has 245/35/R19 all round and does not scrap or hit anything, my question is pretty simple and it is basically.. are these wheels legal or will i get defected? I think it is 2" from...
  40. Jaz11

    Best Value 245/30R22 Tyres?

    I'm Very much due for new rear tyres (general wear, no burnouts) so im just going to do the whole lot at once. But im a total noob when it comes to Tyres. Car, 2010 Ve SV6 Sidi Ute. Mostly used around town with occasional highway. Ive heard the Falken Fk452's are good but they are...