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white walls

  1. O

    OHBUST.... VS Vacationer

    Name: Harley My Age: 18 Model: 1995 VS Vacationer Colour: Velvet BlueMica Kilometers: 290,000 -.- Engine Type: 3.8L V6 Ecotec Power: Unknown Exhaust: Genie extractors into standard cat with Lukey 2.5 inch cat back Gearbox: Automatic Brakes: Stock Suspension: Unknown. Back end is...
  2. taylooor

    Flappers on stockies

    Hey guys Im pretty keen on getting some flappers for my VT interceptors. Opinions? Was looking at Instant White Walling but thought these flappers would be easier and cheaper with pretty much the same desired result. How do you install them though if I was to buy them? And would I...

    [QLD] Lower Springs in the rear on 20's ??

    Hey guys, I've got 20's on my VT and i know i have SL Kings in front and my mate told me he fitted SSL Ryder springs in the rear? (picture below) Few Q's: (1) Do you think the rear is as low as SSL Kings? (2) What springs will I need to to get the rear gaurd to be covering the...
  4. Ryan.mate

    painting rubber? or white walling

    Okay, what is the deal with painting the tyres? like this Okay so how is this done? can it be done after buying the rubber or do you buy tyres like this? is this a costly thing? And finally is there anyone in WA who does it? thanks a million , rep for anyone who helps out