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  1. Vonix

    Vz calais rims

    So i know this topic has a few threads already, but i couldn't seem to find anything regarding white vz calais? the attached photo is a white vz with the stock rims, what rims would best suit (Looking for larger rims otherwise i would of restored the stock ones), would 19" ssv look nice? Photos...
  2. RobbieCalais98

    My 1995 VS Calais White

  3. T

    White VF Ute - Black Wheels?

    Gday everyone, Just got my new 2014 VF Ute (White). Image attached. Pretty happy with it all but was thinking about changing the wheels, to something black. Currently fitted with Series 2 VE set which are in great condition. I was looking into the whole powder coat option (as it is...
  4. M

    VX Commy

    Model - VX Holden Commodore Year - 2002 Body - Sedan Colour - White Interior - Standard Engine - 3.8l V6 Ecotec Engine Mods - Stock Body Style - Executive Wheels - Factory 15 inch Steel Tyres - P205/65 R15 95H
  5. P

    Heron White Sportswagon with White wheels?

    Hey Everyone, Just brought my 2015 VF Sportswagon in Heron white. Has anyone put white wheels on one? id like to see what others have done and how they look before i put the $1800 towards them. Im looking at getting; 20x8 5" Holden ve VF Rims Versus Enduro Rims Wheel Tyre Package White |...
  6. R

    My New Manual VR

    Just thought I'd post up a few pics of my new project. It is a 1993 Model VR Executive Converted to T5 Manual with heavy duty clutch. Picked it up for $1000 off a mate that had lost motivation. I was happy with the price as there is quite a few goodies on the car. It has a freshened up top...
  7. W

    Sv6 or Hsv front bar

    Hi guys I was wondering if any one has a spare white Ve sv6, ss or Hsv bumper for sale or give away? I bought a 2010 sv6 ute about two months ago but when I bought the car it had a Holden roo/nudge bar so I took it straight off but left me with two square holes in the bumper next to the...
  8. P

    white springs??

    hi does anyone know what brand these springs are? they came out the front of a vy ss ute but were way too low or my liking..
  9. Braydenreid

    [ACT] Wrecking white VS Berlina

    ITEM: Wrecking white VS Berlina LOCATION: A.C.T CONDITION: Used PRICE: make an offer or ask for a price DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup or can post/deliver some items PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, paypal CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected], PM. 0427 967 670...
  10. White_VY

    Engine Bay Questions

    okay so... iv been researching and i know its probably been covered a million times but i have a bunch of questions to ask so i thought id put it all in one :) below are some photos of my engine bay and what i would like to know is... 1. best way to clean the crap off.... im thinking just...
  11. xtrmty

    [VIC] FS: Genuine VENETIANS for VN, VP

    ITEM: VN/VP Venetians out of a VP berlina, Painted white (see pic) LOCATION: North-Western Suburbs, VIC CONDITION: Used PRICE: $180 PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick-up North-Western Suburbs, VIC PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: 0430 247 952 PICTURE:
  12. R

    White SV6 - My Second Love

    Hey guys, been meaning to do this for a while but been pretty lazy about it. Finally got my baby looking presentable so thought i'd chuck it up on here. I know the black and white theme has been done to death but i just can't go past it on a VE. Car: VE SV6 09 Heron White Current Mods: 20'...
  13. elldeepe

    First Car - VT Executive

    Hey guys just recently bought my first car and am currently working on making it a nice tidy daily driver. Model: 1998 Vt Executive Colour: White Bodykit: Wing fitted, Bodykit Stock Engine: 3.8L Ecotec V6 Engine Mods: Swaybar Exhaust: Twin 2.5" XFORCE Exhaust Gearbox: Auto Brakes: Standard...
  14. J

    [VIC] anyone need cheap vn wagon parts?

    ITEM: white vn wagon heading to the scrap yard soon has straight front guards, bonnet has a ding at the very front looks like a easy fix, interior is in good nick. panels would need a clean and prob a buff, everything cheap prefer pick up as i dont have time to make it to the post office most...
  15. DAVIDC

    [VIC] WTB: White VT/VX sedan Venetians

    DESCRIPTION: Want to buy, or trade for my love. ITEM: I'm after some rear VX/VT sedan Venetians in white, good condition. LOCATION: South east Melbourne, Rowville. CONDITION: Don't mind, as long as good. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Try me, I once again don't mind travelling to...
  16. S

    My first car (96 Vs exec)

    deleted thread.
  17. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] White LED licence plate bulb/lights. Where?

    Hey Guys, I am looking to buy some white LED bulbs for my rear licence plate. I have searched the forums, the web and even ebay and I can't find any that fit the commodore (VT if that matters...). If someone could shed some light on where I could find some bulbs (ebay, wherever) that would...
  18. dragon91

    Dragons VUII S Ute

    Engine: 3.8 V6 ecotec auto Exhaust: 2.5" catback with high flow muffler and tiger headers Gearbox: stage 2 transgo shift kit Suspension: Superlow king springs front and back, monroe sports ryders, pedders camber kit Wheels: Standard 16" Modifications: K&N panel filter FTW Stereo Audio /...
  19. J

    carbon fibre rear spoiler

    hey guys i want to get a carbon fibre spoiler for my car, only problem is my car is white and im not sure how a CF spoiler would look. what are your thoughts?
  20. Notorious_Matt

    Matt's 2003 VY Commodore Excutive

    Matt's "Stinger VY" Project Name: Matt Car: VY Executive Year: 2003 Colour: White/Black Kilometers: 112000 Transmission: Auto Engine: 3800 Ecotec V6 My Commodore and my Laser. I'm new to the whole commodore scene in terms of owning one but since I was 10 I have...
  21. matsv6

    My White sv6: ssl's, 6 speed, 19's.

    Specs Model: 2005 sv6 Colour: heron white Engine Type: 3.6 alloytec 190 Engine Mods: none yet Exhaust: stock setup with rear muffler removed Gearbox: 6 speed aisin (AY6) Wheels: 19'' rodney jane racing suspension: sl front ssl rear Other mods: twin zorst tip, removed wing, tinted windows...
  22. Kierab

    ....KOI'S White VS Executive....

    So yer this is my White 96' VS Executive Little About it. Got it about 3 weeks ago now for close to 3 grand, stock as a rock, engine is in perfect condition, as is interior and exterior Haven't really down too much to it Replaced the indicators with clear ones. Put a set of VE...
  23. JAYMEZ

    My vs commodore s pac

    Hey everyone, im new to this but here are some pics of my commodore, ive had it for 18 months, and just been gradually doing it up, let me know wat ya think, just recently put vp calais seats in it, much comfier! planning to get a sports exhaust for my 18th, with a twin dump stainless pipe...
  24. barra218

    My first VT

    Hey guys, im new to this site and still figuring it out,, i've been meaning to put up a post for a while but here is my vt. Name: Jonathan Barra Age: 17 Model: VT Acclaim II Colour: White Body kit: Standard bumpers SS side skits Engine: Stock Exhaust: Pacemaker Extractors...
  25. mrc25381

    Your opinion

    I have a car I'm fixing up (Commodore of course) and I'm thinking of placing a huge white decal sticker of my fav band's logo on the bonnet (which is black). What do you think?
  26. D

    Stolen Car - White VS Commodore - Please Read

    Hey guys. My mates car was stolen over night in the Croydon area, between 11pm Sunday 24/01 and 6am Monday 25/01. White VS Commodore, plates were LT1987. I know this is a long shot, but i've started a group on facebook. Hopefully we get to enough people that someone knows something...
  27. elbow31

    first car 97 S2 VS Exec

    MODEL:1994 VR Statesman Sedan COLOUR: White EXTERIOR: Debaged, trolley strips removed, tinted lights, chrome windows GEAR BOX: 4sp DIFF: Standard BRAKES: Standard SUSPENSION: SSL King Springs, Monroe Sports GT Shocks INTERIOR: VS Calais full leather, WHEELS: Genuine Signatures, 245s EXHAUST...