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  1. kidnplay01

    Whiteline suspension info req- Maloo r8 ute YII 2004

    Hi, So on the maloo i have the harrop big brakes and handling on a 10yr old car is wearing out. Cornering isnt the best as it should be so for the moment im looking to replace all items except coilovers as cant afford them this round. Qs i have 1) buying the 4 point front and 2 point rear...
  2. J

    Vt whiteline swaybar onto a vt?

    Hey guys, I've got my hands on a whiteline adjustable front sway bar for a VZ, just wanting to know if it will fit onto a VT??
  3. B

    VE Strut Braces

    hi all, new to the forums and the car modding world. this may be a stupid question so go easy on me :P i would like to put a strut brace on my VE SS, i can find kits for the front. i think the brand "whiteline" is the way to go. are there any kits for a rear strut brace for a VE sedan...
  4. R

    Hidden project sorry boys

    Updated project vs twin throttle v6 I have been a bit selfish i have been hiding this for a while my 96 vs berlina v6 PARTS ALREADY BOUGHT *TWIN THROTTLE MANIFOLD (FITTED) *CLUTCH PEDDLE BOX (FITTED) *MANUAL LOOM *T5 GEARBOX *H/D CLUTCH *CLUTCH CABLE *BOSCH BLUETOP INJECTORS...